Welcome to Serengeti

Serengeti, named after the largest African Savanna, is where Rhino grows.

We like to involve users in every phase of the Rhino development process. As with prior releases, we invite current users to try, test, and provide feedback on the next release while still in development.

But now we have something new. You will now be able to participate in the development beyond the upcoming release.

Since many development efforts span more than one release, we have set up the Serengeti Project to give users more direct influence on all future Rhino developments.

This means you can always have access to the weekly builds of everything we are working on, no matter when or if it will be released. You will also have access to our internal developer discussion, developer notes, and issues tracking system.

We look forward to your input on future releases of Rhino and the Serengeti Project infrastructure.

The Rhino development team will post here as they work on Rhino.

System Requirements Please review before downloading.

Rhino 8 WIP is now available. Details and download…

More details:

  • CAUTION: These are weekly WIP builds. Often they are not stable or production-ready.
  • Do NOT uninstall your Rhino 7.
  • The Rhino 8 file format could change. To be safe, often Save As Rhino 7.
  • All Rhino 7 plugins might work with Rhino 8; let us know if they don’t.
  • Existing Grasshopper definitions should work with Rhino 8. Let us know if they don’t.

Have fun!

Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
Vector 2D view
Python improvements in Rhino WIP
Suggestions for GPU renderer and graphics card (possibly for Mac with Razer Core)
Grasshopper components display as blank - no icons, no name labels, no wire nubs. How to find missing graphics?
T-splines and Rhino 6
Rhino V6 timeline
Layout & UV Mapping
Cylinder mesh - Quad only
Try the Rhino WIP
How long should the wait be for 2D drawing create?
WISH: Add "only visible geometry OSNAP" mode
Rhino 7 Subdivision Surface Project
Raytraced (Cycles) shader progress
How Do I Actually Download Rhino WIP?
Cycles for Rhino 0.0.2
Few questions about Cycles
Convert to SubD, problem with creases
OSnap Toolbar / Panel
WIP - RH5 license key used by someone else
Rhino PythonScript commands slower than equivalent VBScript?
Class A surfacing tools
Rhino 7 WIP - Raytrace Rendering
Rhino 8 Feature: Constraints
SubD - Local Face Division
YAK - install plugin requires re-start of Rhino
A few more suggestions
Welcome new Rhino WIP users!
Workflow optimizing for product design
Downloading V6 with an Educational Lab License?
Apply different materials within a polysurface
Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
Woops, I've forgotten where the V6 download is, can you help?
Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
Rhino V6 WIP unable to download
Rhino WIP Download link?
WIP download link is redirecting to /download
Soft Transform - Topology Distance
I cannot update RH6 WIP
Limitations of New Picture Command
To Break History or NOT to Break History
Do not show this dialog again bug
Cap command is corrupting the surface
Text properties is buggy
R6 UI colors aren't compatible/transferable to R7 BETA?
Gumball on Subd-Edges not always centered?
Marine Design & Engineering Meeting Barcelona - May 8, 2019
AddLoft Tangency in script
Import 3dm issue
Rhinoceros 7 WIP - QuadRemesh crease edges
Texture files not connecting
User text and Named Positions
Problem with dimension lines after latest update
Object faces won't print by layer
SubD ununified directions on one object
Runnning _TextObject causes crash and strange display
Hatch transparency missing for print color
Text Entitiy CreatePolySurfaces returns Null Value
Denoiser issue
Hatch gradient new point issue
Worksession.ModelCount causes exception in RhinoCommon Mac
Render Output Control?
Blocks are loosing hidden Objects
Rhino 7 Feature: Display Performance Discussion
Linetype inside blocks don't work
Give control back to command prompt after attribute user text edition
SubD to Nurbs buggy
A way to locate the corresponding layer?
Is it possible to add a SubD object to a File3dmObjectTable?
Rhino 7 Feature: Display Performance Discussion
Curves from DraftAngleAnalysis vs. TestSilhouette
My Feedback regarding gradient hatch
OpenGL material bug
Bug? ExtractRenderMesh from Linked Blocks
Get gumball custom location
Render Animation very different from Viewport?
Weld Modifier in Blender 2.8X and Rhino7?
Some lines were deleted in PDF import to Rhino in *(PANCAKE (byillusionwing)) and #Bug in Rhino 7 SR0 2020-4-21 (7.0.2011,)AND Rhino 6 SR26 2020-4-20 (Rhino 6, 6.26.20)
No SubD type hint in Grasshopper GhPython
Help! Can't log in to Rhino 7 WIP
Bug in "reflect" command
Trouble with picking surfaces
DevLoft failure
rs.WindowPick is incredibly slow vs Rhino.WindowPick = instant
My last 3 wishes. ...of this week. (make that 6 actually)
Wish: extractPt to include textDots
Adjusted rail segments:in SubDSweep2 doesn't work for same value
Bright lines in printout of rendered view
Cycles blown out
Strange PBR behavior
Rhino 7 WIP - Export Settings - STL
Rhino.FileIO.File3dm: Looking for a possibility to read/write to/from a stream
Some Wishes
Edit polyline with curves in it
Rhino V7 still has this silly degree/control point behavior on polycurves
Denoiser issue
SubD extrude face FAILS with reflection plane
Intersection Bug
Rhino V7 still has this silly degree/control point behavior on polycurves
Bug: Cycles light multiplies some times
WIP Material Display Issues
Split Isocurve sometimes removes face color
V7 missing "No environment" item in 360° Environment dropdowns
Failed to create manifest.yml with 'spec' command
Near snap on surface edge?
NamedView causing delay in Rhino 6
Lens Length always becomes 50mm when I set the projection of the perspective view as parallel
Point editor alert / EdgeContinuity
Gumball memory
Splitted edge bug
InterpcrvOnSrf history on by default? This command is buggy
Rhino BUG** Lasso command selects objects beyond the clipping plane limits
Cadesign base - 3D Days Online
Rhino 8 Feature: Constraints
Texture maps not being assigned from sub folders V6
BUG: ToSubD is losing mesh UV coordinates
In Plane Option for 3DFace
V7 WIP Append - from edge crashing
"Rhino WIP Missing Fonts" message shown when sending Open file command through COM
Weld subd cage?
Confused about some very basic SubD functions missing
DupEdge and DupFaceborder in SubD Flat Mode, other subD issues
Prioritization of McNeel work to have a good rendering workflow in a team. Using material libraries of realtime PBR shaders + render-engine specific shaders
Work-wrecking bug with mapped image paths being changed by Rhino
SubD Symmetry?
'Guid' parameter support of preselection
SubD output option in _Loft - a lot of testing, comments, suggestions
Sweep2, Output SubD - Same Options, Diff Output
Referenced Block remains Selectable on locked layer
Breps Intersection Bug (WIP)
GRRRRRRR Multiple Grasshopper sessions file overwrite no warning
Rhino -> AutoCAD Export: Not Recognizing "Alternate units below" Flag
Using Linq in C# scripting component
Leader text mirrored bug
Far from origin
Problem with ExtractSubCrv
SubD Symmetry?
Some visualisation issues with SubD + some suggestions
Cutplane fails to traverse the object completely
Bridge command SubD
One More SubD Symmetry Request - Use case
Shadows and Display Speed test/need for tune-up
ProjectToCPlane refusal
InterpcrvOnSrf history on by default? This command is buggy
Brep.Split complete failure if one curve not on brep
Wish: Reflect with multi SubD selection
WISH: Prevent sublayers list from unfolding
MatchProperties Dialog buglet
Exports and imports using Rhino Compute
Gradient Hatch technical testing
STEP import - missing lines
Changing mesh wireframe color kills edge analysis dialog
Png in layout prints black when output is set to vector
Point clouds and clipping planes
Script logic for setting up for UE4
Inverted transparency in color picker
Import just one layout
User strings not retained in SumSurfaces after JoinBreps
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
Mac - Interface still behind Windows
Command history F2
Wish: SubD Retopo tool and SubD Flatten points tool
Rhinoceros replacing AutoCAD
Extractsubcrv and subobjects
Percentage along curve
Hatch improvements
Bug: Non planar planar curve
Reordering layers
Layer woes
Weld command for subD and meshes based on a float distance
Some SubD WIP bugs/UX issues
Bug in contextual select objects
Wish: delete image linked directly from Missing Image Files dialog box
Text field date language
Entire model disappeared after editing block
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
WISH: Undo sorting of layers
Insert edge problem, bug?
Cannot export OBJ or FBX meshes in V7
Hotkey Nudge Direction
Adding an optional panel for the colour picker
Copy/Paste of a Block Instance also caries Document User Text?
Document Usertex pasted with objects and imports
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
Text field date language
Confused about some very basic SubD functions missing
WIP won't start after first run on VM
Are there any G2 continuity limitations at special points?
ProjectCurveToMesh bug on triangle edges
Bug analysis?
Edit polyline with curves in it
Feature Request: SelVolumePipe`
Incorrect top view shadows
Mesh subselect when clippingplane ignores clippingplane
Selection Without ShiftKey
Boolean input selection bug (false duplicates)
Can this be combined into a closed BREP?
SubD Toggle, one is enough (TAB)
V6 Object won't highlight allowing drag and drop materials from library
Trying to reproduce Rhino's native Sweep1 behavior with RhinoCommon
Wish list: Set bitmap texture from memory stream
PlugIn.CreatePreview called (apparently) unnecessarily
Transaction Failure in Scripted C# Component
Named Selection & Worksessions
Curves from DraftAngleAnalysis vs. TestSilhouette
PNG alpha channel transparency not working
Wish: Add "ClearAnalysisMeshes" command
WISH (BUG): Hide control points when locking layer!
Odd object - mouse click subobject selection of a curve segment not working
Creating 2d surface from Rows x Cols controlpoints
Update dialog
MergeAllFaces crashes Rhino on simple object (file inside)
Something weird with keyboard input
Some thoughts and suggestions
Layer States Panel Behavior
Set CPlane to Object has a Bug
Subd Challenge 2 - helmet
FlowAlongSrf history breaks
Ray Intersection - Getting the hit geometry
Text dialog initial bug
BUG? - CurveOffsetCornerStyle.None produces bad result
After last WIP update, grasshopper crashes when offseting closed curves
RibbonOffset's "Side to offset" pick point's affect on result
V7 Text field is missing
Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
[FEEDBACK] Rhino 7: Right mouse button over Polar arrey repeat last polar array action
Some Wishes
Cap (no crease ) on Subd doesn't work for this object
Isolate causes Filter dialog to open
Wonky gizmo scaling
Problems with sub object selection, doesn't work in v7 but does in V6?
Rihno pdf problem
Wireframe of SubD always visible with transparent material
#Suggestion add all (Arc Option command) to Polyline
Step file with incorrect geometry
Refreshing Textures got slower & annoying
Lots of layout questions! how to align objects in separate details? how to insert breaks?
Grasshopper 2-Alpha available for testing
V7 change in behavior for RenderWindow.Channel.SetValues with RGB channel
Offset Star Curves problem
Shadows and Display Speed test/need for tune-up
Offset Error
Feature: Add Sorting for Key and Value columns in UserTextAttributes window
RibbonOffset's "Side to offset" pick point's affect on result
Testing new QuadRemesher
Remove crease cannot work for this object
Bug Rhino7 Intersection.MeshMeshFast()
My Feedback regarding gradient hatch
Mesh split for sneeze cfd not working
Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
Wish: mid snap for meshes
Arrgg! Blocks non-uniform scale. How do I revert to uniform?
Missing option from materials panel
Rhino Script Compiler for Rhino5, second Beta
SUBD merge faces annoyance
V6 Goal: True PDF Export
When Rhino unpacks textures to a new folder it OVERWRITES textures with same filenames
GetTextureFromUsage fails in V7 when built against V6 RhinoCommon
Yak stats for packagemanager
Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
Blocks edit
Block edit and non-uniform scale
Rhino 7 Feature Text Formula Enhancement
Wish: _FilledEdge with double click selecting tangent edges
Blendsrf issue V6 vs V5
Select Name
Faces selection bug?
Cluster runtime very slow
Cannot set mesh parameters in order to get only triangles faces
Suppress "Tolerance had to be doubled..."
Adding an optional panel for the colour picker
Bridge bug - face pre-selection
Exit command not working
Create pipe with wall thickness
Wish: Smarter "Connect surfaces" tool
Wish: Displaymode shadow density, not only color
rs.WindowPick() randomly isn't "grabbing" some objects that completely fall into selection box and picks some that are completely out of it
PBR Material tutorial for Rhino 7 WIP
Keyboard shortcuts to command options
Reading plugin data when importing from a 3dm file
Multi-face extrude with different normals
ExtrudeSubD does not support DragMode View
Offest SubD Face based on Face's Normal
Wish: ExtrudeSubD please option along normal
Selection often ignoring z-depth checks
Gumball extrusion button with lofted surface
Subd faces extrusion
UI / Interaction questions
Multiple Mapping channels for UV Editor in Rhino 5/6
Can you make a script to pick only unwelded edges as seams?
[UVEditor TIP] UV mapping: Replace your UV Grid Texture
ArrowHead bug report
Joining curves makes a bad object
Rhino 8 (Mac) Feature: ObjectCaptureFromPhotos
Add option to show N last characters in long layer names
Status bar layer pane expansion
More with SubD Tools
Make clusters in current document discoverable in 'Create..'
Joining SubD vertices?
Stuttering rotations while moving cursor on viewport
Sub-d To NURBS observation: No Iso-Curves
OrientOnSrf needs a better UI
Is there any reason why Block Manager can't be cycled by typing a letter as 'Insert' menu?
Selection Filters Buttons Bug
Delete hatch from the settings panel
Text Object window in Rhino 6
PointDeviation - Points from lines/polylines needed
Text preview too large compared to the rest of UI
Document Properties dialog box does not include document file name and location
Reading plugin data when importing from a 3dm file
WISH : Avoid unsollicited arc splits
Draw3dtext line breaks bug
ExtrudeCrvTapered method on roof creation
When I use mirror to copy some faces, the inside becomes the outside
Dot print preview Quantum leaps
How to use vb.net to control the display checkbox?
Moving files between Mac and PC Rhino users
Rhino showing "Please Wait… Updating toolbars” splash at start
Displacement texture distance unexpected behaviour
[Rh7 WIP UV editr BUG] UV Editor UV mapping does not show up on this particular mesh
Detail WIndow Misbehaviour
Feature Request: IntersectTwoSets
Problem with UVmapping
Packed Faces options in Rhinocommon and/or for regular polysurfaces
Is it possible to access the custom render mesh through the command line?
_Select command and _SelPrev history
Mesh effects feedback
Big Feature Request - Substitute Reference Objects for Reference Locations
Raytrace-like mirror plane tool in Rhino 7?
Trim Bug in WIP
Import DGN file with references
Wirecut vs boolean difference
State of Rhino on Apple Silicon really that poor?
WIP Sectioning Attribute Requests
Numpy for Rhino 64 bit
Status Bar - Display Object Type
Rebuild command (select master curve ) the absence of (maximum deviation)
Slow display performance when using clipping planes
Rhino 8 (Mac) Feature: ObjectCaptureFromPhotos
Select Mesh Naked Edge - (feeling lost between commands)
Clipping plane - Snapping to the clipping plane edge
Wish: Clipping plane - cap clipped objects
M1X & Monterey
Rhino WIP Features
One day sun animation - technical viewport
The horror the horror of exporting to pdf and illustrator
Scale issue with .svg
Inaccuracy in exporting of adobe illustrator files
Can you make the “Volume” function display like a dimension?
Sweep 2 ... why doesn't work?
Rhino for Mac (WIP): Goodbye Mono, Hello .NET 6
Removing CPs makes surface rational
Latest WIP crashes on windows 10
WIP: connections command
Contour - Does not execute properly
Bug: Inability to move an object to the CPlane zero
Show name of current CPlane?
Wish Hatch to behave as curve on more areas
Extend surface by negative value not working on simple surface R7(SR13)
Wirecut difference
Extend surface by negative value not working on simple surface R7(SR13)
Render Animation very different from Viewport?
New Layer panel wish
Rhino 8 Feature: Constraints
Problem Files
Rhino displacement tool
Wish - Improved Layer filter UI
Macroing Draft Angle Analysis
Wish: Command History feedback for Delete
Strange geometry/bug showing in technical/artistic/pen views
Why does raytraced take so much longer on Mac?
Linetype Scale in CustomGetPoint DynamicDraw() Event
Intersect / trim Problem (bug ?)
SetObjectDisplayMode not working in Rhino WIP
V8 package manager issue
Python 2.7.8 library
InterpCrvOnSrf closed curve editing
Command line maths (again)
RhinoScript user interface method wishes & bugs
RebuildUV - add Retrim option
Failed to Register RPC client
BooleanIntersection bug?
Bug: Raytraced (Cycles) continues through a reduce mesh
Step file with incorrect geometry
File opening issue
Possible to remove the 0 from fractional imperial dimension reading?
Brep.Trim with flipped Brep as cutter
Phantom object and display problems
Missing lines when script sent to print
How to union a series of planar surfaces into a single surface?
How to union a series of planar surfaces into a single surface?
Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?
Downloading V6 with an Educational Lab License?
How Do I Actually Download Rhino WIP?
Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?
Solved - Text Control Points
How to modify a surface by designating the heights of any arbitary points on the surface?
Serengeti Access Enterprise
Can't access Serengeti link from email invitation
Rhino 5 SR14: Bogus VRAM detection and low-res textures on NVIDIA GPUs
Cannot download Rhino 6 WIP? - (fixed)
How about more than 64 cores support of rhino?

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