Welcome to Serengeti

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Serengeti, named after the largest African Savanna, is where Rhino grows.

We like to involve users in every phase of the Rhino development process. As with prior releases, we will be inviting current users to try, test, and provide feedback on the next release while it is still in development.

But now we have something new. You will now be able to participate in the development beyond the upcoming release.

Since many development efforts span more than one release, we have set up the Serengeti Project to give users more direct influence on all future Rhino developments.

This means you can always have access to the weekly builds of everything we are working on no matter when or if it will be released. You will also have access to our internal developer discussion, developer notes, and issues tracking system.

We look forward to your input on future releases of Rhino and the Serengeti Project infrastructure.

The Rhino development team will post here as they work on Rhino.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or later.
  • Your Rhino 6 license key. You can find it here…

Download Rhino WIP (work-in-progress) for Windows…

More details:

  • CAUTION: These are weekly work-in-progress builds. Often they are not stable or production ready.
  • Do NOT uninstall your Rhino 6.
  • The Rhino 7 file format is changing. To be safe, often Save As Rhino 6.
  • Most Rhino 5 or 6 plugins will NOT work with Rhino 7 until they are recompiled. Contact the developer.
  • Existing Grasshopper definitions should work with Rhino 7. Let us know if they don’t.

Have fun!

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Serengeti Access Enterprise
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