Welcome to Serengeti

Serengeti, named after the largest African Savanna, is where Rhino grows.

We like to involve users in every phase of the Rhino development process. As with prior releases, we will be inviting current users to try, test, and provide feedback on the next release while it is still in development.

But now we have something new. You will now be able to participate in the development beyond the upcoming release.

Since many development efforts span more than one release, we have set up the Serengeti Project to give users more direct influence on all future Rhino developments.

This means you can always have access to the weekly builds of everything we are working on no matter when or if it will be released. You will also have access to our internal developer discussion, developer notes, and issues tracking system.

We look forward to your input on future releases of Rhino and the Serengeti Project infrastructure.

The Rhino development team will post here as they work on Rhino.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or later (on Windows)
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later (on Mac)
  • Your permanent Rhino 6 license key. You can find it here…

windows8logo Download Rhino WIP (Work-In-Progress) for Windows…


finderLogo Download Rhino WIP (Work-In-Progress) for Mac…

More details:

  • CAUTION: These are weekly Work-In-Progress builds. Often they are not stable or production ready.
  • Do NOT uninstall your Rhino 6.
  • The Rhino 7 file format is changing. To be safe, often Save As Rhino 6.
  • Most Rhino 5 or 6 plugins will NOT work with Rhino 7 until they are recompiled. Contact the developer.
  • Existing Grasshopper definitions should work with Rhino 7. Let us know if they don’t.

Have fun!

Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
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Missing option from materials panel
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Rhino 7 Feature Text Formula Enhancement
Block edit and non-uniform scale
Blocks edit
Arrgg! Blocks non-uniform scale. How do I revert to uniform?
Yak stats for packagemanager
Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
GetTextureFromUsage fails in V7 when built against V6 RhinoCommon
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Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
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Mesh split for sneeze cfd not working
My Feedback regarding gradient hatch
Remove crease cannot work for this object
Testing new QuadRemesher
RibbonOffset's "Side to offset" pick point's affect on result
Shadows and Display Speed test/need for tune-up
Feature: Add Sorting for Key and Value columns in UserTextAttributes window
V7 change in behavior for RenderWindow.Channel.SetValues with RGB channel
Offset Error
Offset Star Curves problem
Bug in executing Stitch command/subd/mesh
V7 Text field is missing
RibbonOffset's "Side to offset" pick point's affect on result
After last WIP update, grasshopper crashes when offseting closed curves
Ray Intersection - Getting the hit geometry
BUG? - CurveOffsetCornerStyle.None produces bad result
Set CPlane to Object has a Bug
Text dialog initial bug
FlowAlongSrf history breaks
Can this be combined into a closed BREP?
SubD Toggle, one is enough (TAB)
Mesh subselect when clippingplane ignores clippingplane
Boolean input selection bug (false duplicates)
Selection Without ShiftKey
Confused about some very basic SubD functions missing
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
Text field date language
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
Weld command for subD and meshes based on a float distance
Entire model disappeared after editing block
Insert edge problem, bug?
Text field date language
Layer woes
WISH: Undo sorting of layers
Reordering layers
Wish: delete image linked directly from Missing Image Files dialog box
Bug in contextual select objects
Some SubD WIP bugs/UX issues
User strings not retained in SumSurfaces after JoinBreps
Import just one layout
Subd selection tools and vertex merge that I'd like to see implemented
Point clouds and clipping planes
Inverted transparency in color picker
Rhino 7 WIP - Raytrace Rendering
Script logic for setting up for UE4
Exports and imports using Rhino Compute
MatchProperties Dialog buglet
Gradient Hatch technical testing
Cutplane fails to traverse the object completely
Bridge command SubD
Brep.Split complete failure if one curve not on brep
InterpcrvOnSrf history on by default? This command is buggy
Some visualisation issues with SubD + some suggestions
One More SubD Symmetry Request - Use case
SubD Symmetry?
Rhino BUG** Lasso command selects objects beyond the clipping plane limits
InterpcrvOnSrf history on by default? This command is buggy
Splitted edge bug
Lens Length always becomes 50mm when I set the projection of the perspective view as parallel
NamedView causing delay in Rhino 6
Gumball memory
Point editor alert / EdgeContinuity
Near snap on surface edge?
Failed to create manifest.yml with 'spec' command
Object faces won't print by layer
Problem with dimension lines after latest update
Marine Design & Engineering Meeting Barcelona - May 8, 2019
WIP won't start after first run on VM
Intersect / trim Problem (bug ?)
Python 2.7.8 library
Command line maths (again)
RhinoScript user interface method wishes & bugs
File opening issue
Possible to remove the 0 from fractional imperial dimension reading?
Brep.Trim with flipped Brep as cutter
Phantom object and display problems
Missing lines when script sent to print
How to union a series of planar surfaces into a single surface?
How to union a series of planar surfaces into a single surface?
Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?
Downloading V6 with an Educational Lab License?
How Do I Actually Download Rhino WIP?
Try the Rhino WIP
Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?
Solved - Text Control Points
How to modify a surface by designating the heights of any arbitary points on the surface?
Serengeti Access Enterprise
Can't access Serengeti link from email invitation
Rhino 5 SR14: Bogus VRAM detection and low-res textures on NVIDIA GPUs
Cannot download Rhino 6 WIP? - (fixed)
How about more than 64 cores support of rhino?
Apply different materials within a polysurface
Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
Woops, I've forgotten where the V6 download is, can you help?
Educational License download RH50 to RH6B
Rhino V6 WIP unable to download
Rhino WIP Download link?
WIP download link is redirecting to /download
I cannot update RH6 WIP
Limitations of New Picture Command
To Break History or NOT to Break History
DupEdge and DupFaceborder in SubD Flat Mode, other subD issues
Weld subd cage?
SubD output option in _Loft - a lot of testing, comments, suggestions
Sweep2, Output SubD - Same Options, Diff Output
'Guid' parameter support of preselection
SubD Symmetry?
Confused about some very basic SubD functions missing
Prioritization of McNeel work to have a good rendering workflow in a team. Using material libraries of realtime PBR shaders + render-engine specific shaders
Work-wrecking bug with mapped image paths being changed by Rhino
"Rhino WIP Missing Fonts" message shown when sending Open file command through COM
Cadesign base - 3D Days Online
Trouble with picking surfaces
rs.WindowPick is incredibly slow vs Rhino.WindowPick = instant
DevLoft failure
Bug in "reflect" command
OpenGL material bug
Bug? ExtractRenderMesh from Linked Blocks
Some lines were deleted in PDF import to Rhino in *(PANCAKE (byillusionwing)) and #Bug in Rhino 7 SR0 2020-4-21 (7.0.2011,)AND Rhino 6 SR26 2020-4-20 (Rhino 6, 6.26.20)
Weld Modifier in Blender 2.8X and Rhino7?
Render Animation very different from Viewport?
No SubD type hint in Grasshopper GhPython
Get gumball custom location
My Feedback regarding gradient hatch
Select Name
Cluster runtime very slow
Faces selection bug?
Adding an optional panel for the colour picker
Suppress "Tolerance had to be doubled..."
Blendsrf issue V6 vs V5

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