Wirecut vs boolean difference

The model on the left was a result of BooleanDifference, the right, Wirecut.

Is there a reason I don’t get the lower tangent edge on the wirecut? Both used the same Simplified Crv. Model attached.

I use Wirecut as it’s a pretty quick command, but in this case I wanted that tangent edge to push-pull so had to use BooleanDifference.

My wish is that both commands would produce the same result (as per BooleanDifference).
(model attached)

WC vs BD.3dm (158.1 KB)

Hi Andrew -

WireCut should follow the CreaseSplitting setting, yes. I’ve put this bug on the list as RH-67032.
Note that, when using a closed curve, the result will be as expected.

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Note you can use _DivideAlongCreases _SplitAtTangents=_Yes to get your tangent split back after the fact.


Thanks Helvetosaur, I forgot about that one!

I don’t suppose there’s a command to go the other way?
To rejoin tangent polysurfaces into one surface?

Explode the polysurface into individual surfaces or ExtractSrf the desired surfaces as individual surfaces.
MergeSrf with Smooth=No the individual surfaces into a single surface. The result should be a single surface with multi-knots along the creases.

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That’s done it. Thanks David!

RH-67032 is fixed in the latest WIP