WIP - RH5 license key used by someone else


I downloased Rhino WIP a few months ago but haven’t really opened it once.
When I now open it, I get the infamous “WIP expired” dialog.
The “download new build” button takes me to:

I then click the link to the download page


where I’m being prompted to enter my Rhino 5 licence key.
When entered, I am being told that this key has already been used by another person.

Yes, it has. By me, several months ago.

I’ve also tried clicking “continue without saving” to see if I can update via the options “Rhino Options” panel, but the “Updates and Statistics” entry in the tree seems to have disappeared.

Any ideas how I can get WIP up and running again? Now that the new SDK is out I’m urgently planning to update my plugins for use in RH6.

Many thanks,


Perhaps the problem is you didn’t use the same e-mail as you used when you registered V5…? --Mitch

oops. Yes, this is embarassing. As this is an office computer and license I had specified our admin’s e-mail address.
Thanks Helvetosaur!