To Break History or NOT to Break History

TweenCurves_Anormality_II.3dm (76.5 KB)
Other programs call it “Shape Blending or Shape Morphing”, Illustrator call it “Blend” and Rhinoceros call it “Tween Curves”.
When enabling history prior to creating fx 8 in beTween Curves from two original curves placed to the left and to the right, it is perfect to autoupdate the beTween Curves by editing the position of the original curves in 3D and/or the ControlPoints ind 3D.
When you edit the beTween curves position in 3D, you are warned that you have broken history, but you actually have not! If you later move one of the original curves, then every thing you have done with the beTween Curves will be “reset” at once.

Hi Tim - I see this. Thanks.


Hi Pascal. I would like to continue my testing of Rhino 6 WIP but the most recent build is no longer available to me at Welcome to Serengeti
Could you please provide me with the correct link (or upgrade my priviliges on my user account)?