Phantom object and display problems

hi, i’m experiencing this issue on this file. the broken object that you can see on the left is an unselectable object that also have visualization problem. I try different suggested solution but can’t figured out how to delete this ghost.
thanks in advance

Hmm, that’s odd. The left ones look like incorrect display meshes for the objects on the right. If you do a ctrl+A and then type _RefreshShade + enter does it go away?

More radical might to use _ClearAllMeshes then set your viewport back to shaded mode.


thx a lot for super fast solution. solved the ghost problem but still have problem with the shaded view, when i try to take a snap point appear all the snap point that are at the back of the object not only the visible ones

Yes, known problem in V5, has been addressed for the next version. --Mitch

is there a solution to obtain a most accurate selection of snap points?

Hi Vincenzo - V6/WIP is the solution… Welcome to Serengeti


thx pascal! i will try it