Detail WIndow Misbehaviour

After a few activations and deactivations, selecting objects or selecting the details or activating the detail windows become hit and miss in the attached project.
Inactive Detail WindowsFurtherPurged.3dm (13.8 MB)

At first I thought this might be related to the VisualArq display mode I was at first using in the detail windows, but Ramon of Va helped me verify that the anomaly remains even with Va deactivated. He made the gifs below demonstrating the problem. Of course selecting an object in the model can be done in a view port, but this becomes a very severe issue when a detail must be edited (changing the display mode just before printing for a presentation meeting, for example,) and it’s impossible to activate the detail to do that.

selection in details

Hello- yeah, I see something is very wrong here…


Thanks! (I hope you can help.)

Hello - it looks like you have multiple details piled up - is this what you expect to see for details in the layout:




There are a number of other details on a hidden layer on that drawing, yes. Much as they may in some way be interfering with the activation and selection process on the shown details (a bug in its own right, I guess), it could be a bit of a red herring, because this issue goes beyond that and occurs on drawings where there are no hidden details.

So far, this:

RH-60575 Hidden details become active


After reflecting on this, I think it probably does explain my issues. I think they are arising when I have details on top of one another (one with linework, one with rendering). When I need to get at one of those details, I do it by hiding the layer containing the other detail. I guess for now that won’t work.

I imagine it’s a new issue with the latest update, because I’ve been using this method for the last year or so without the issue.

This is sinking in. It’s impossible to create aligning overlapping perpectives unless the boundaries of the detail are the same. And if the boundaries are the same, now with this bug it’s impossible to activate only one view to adjust. I’m not sure this bug allows selecting only one view to move, but unless it does (and detail views can be moved out of phase with one another so they can be separately activated, and then moved back afterward - time consuming but…) complete line drawings with renderings won’t be possible. And it’s the basis of 90% of what I do.

Can you explain why you have overlapping details? Maybe we can tune things up so you only need one

That’s music to my ears.

I only need one line-drawing illustration mode.
Line drawing requirements…

  1. Hidden line removal
  2. Lines at all edges, corners, and contours (including on curved surfaces, where most Rhino view modes don’t provide them).
  3. Reliable fills at clipped solids
  4. snappable edges at clipped surfaces.
    No one Rhino View mode will do all of the first three. None provide either of the last two.

The above would be a fine start. Combine them with the below and the need for multiple layered detail views would go away-

  1. Coloured surfaces (they dont even have to be textured, but that would be good.)
  2. shading (like ambient occlusion) or (crisp-edged) shadows, even if only a balance of one sun direction and ambient fill

To get all of the above I use at least two Detail View layers:
A) (Front Layer), Linework -VisualArq’s Hidden Mode for 1) to 3) (No one Rhino mode will do them all.)
B) Back Layer - Rhino Render View Mode with Ambient Occlusion

If I need to snap dimensions to clipped edges, I have to make a 2D line drawing. I have sometines used a third Detail View Layer for this.

The arrangement doubles (sometimes triples) the time required to create and adjust perspective views on layouts.

Examples of the illustration types can be found in the line drawing modes used by SketchUp and Vectorworks.

Update on Detail WIndow Misbehaviour:
I got into a situation where I could select only one object within detail windows.
It persisted through many operations (on layouts) and only rectified itself when I closed and opened the project. There were no hidden viewports.

RH-60575 is fixed in the latest BETA

Great, thanks.