YAK - install plugin requires re-start of Rhino

Is it possible to update a plugin through YAK without the need to restart rhino?


Hi Keith, it isn’t possible to update a plug-in without restarting Rhino, but it should be possible to install new plug-ins straight away. I’ve logged this as RH-58425.

Thanks Will, also how can i change the version number that shows in the plugin manager to match the YAK version number - see image attached


The version number you’re seeing in the Plug-in Manager is taken from the AssemblyVersionAttribute in Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs. I think you’ll find something like…

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")]

The compiler replaces the * with “build” and “revision” parts based on the date and time.

To keep the package version and plug-in version in sync, you could use a placeholder (version: $version) in manifest.yml. The package will be automatically given the same version number as the plug-in inside when you call yak build. Please wait to try this until you’ve downloaded the next Rhino WIP (tomorrow, hopefully) as I just fixed a bug related to this.

Alternatively, you could keep the two version numbers in sync manually, but that isn’t much fun.

Thanks Will, I am using Monkey to compile my rhp file and there is no access to an assembly version.


Ah, I see! Have you tried the latest version of the script compiler? It allows you to specify a version number when compiling the .rhp. It also now ships with Rhino WIP.

Thanks Will, i will download and give it a try :slight_smile:

Just a heads up - the author and description created in the new compiler are not picked up by yak.


Are you using the .yak package created by the script compiler? Or are you running yak spec on the .rhp that it produces?

yak spec

Also, not sure what to do with the .yak package created by the script compiler?

Thanks for confirming. I asked because the package created by the compiler has the authors and description fields filled in, but it gets this directly from the script compiler project, not via yak spec.

The automatic generation of the .yak file was done to make it easier for users of the script compiler to publish their tools. We’re still very much experimenting though.

If you need to add more files to the .yak package created by the script compiler, it’s just a zip archive. You could extract the files into an empty directory, add the additional ones and yak build it again. Would this work for you, for now?

I’ve logged the authors/description bug as RH-58486.

Thanks Will, that works fine for now.


RH-58486 is fixed in the latest WIP