Keyboard shortcuts to command options


Long time rhino user here, After using the program for so long, alot of the commands have become muscle memory. In commands like extrudecrv, copy, extrudesrf, ive came to realize that in WIP, the command option shortcuts have been changed.
For example, in copy you can select “from last point/ use last distance/ use last direction” to activate those options the keyboard input is now different. very very minor thing but its an interruption.

is there a particular reason for this? can it be reverted?

Also, cant seem to make a solid anymore when i extrude a surface via the gumball + distance input. no result

Hi Kevin - this has changed and not always for the better - the biggest change is to shortcuts with the letter S - see

RH-58852 Option shortcuts are unstable

RH-53266 Curve: SubDFriendly option messes with snapping

RH-58896 Option shortcuts are unstable - II

We’ll try to sort it out better.


RH-53266 is fixed in the latest WIP