Rhino V6 timeline


Any news on the first experimental release ?


Of what?

Have a look here:


Thank you. I have been away from “discourse” for some time and was not even aware of the Serengeti forum,

I was wondering if there is a kind of “timeline” for Rhino 6 pre-release builds.



I don’t know what you’re looking for exactly… The WIP builds are already available for anyone who has access to Serengeti as you do (you’re here) - the link is in the post by Willem, it’s the first post in sub-forum if you leave it pinned. There is no “timeline” for a release version.

Upssss….I did not realize the link provided access to V6. I interpreted the link as to the latest V5 experimental build.
I just downloaded V6, but unfortunately it does not run on my machine (Vista 32 bits, Intel Core 2 Duo).
Installed V6 instead in my wife´s computer (with Windows 8) and got it up and running.

Thanks !


Yes - V6 will be 64 bit ONLY. --Mitch

Thanks Mitch

Having a 64-bit computer to run a miracle does not seem too steep.

Even, cell-phones and the tablet are either going 64-bit now.

Who does not have a commercial version of Rhino and wants to contribute to the resolution of any bugs, it is not possible to try a version of Rhino 6?

Aren’t you trying a version of Rhino 6?

I would try a version of Rhino 6, maybe participate as beta testers, for example; but I do not have any license Rhino, so it seems to me difficult.
I wait for the final version …

The privilege of participating in the development of the next version of Rhino is one that is only accorded to those people who have contributed to the current version’s commercial success - by having bought a license



In fact, what I wanted to say … I think even right

If I may ask, how come you work with Rhino when you do not have a license?


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probably he use it in office where he works like many !