RhinoScript user interface method wishes & bugs

Hi @dale, i´ve collected a few observations through the day, maybe some of them can be improved further in V6:

  • Rhino.EditBox does not display a scrollbar on large multiline text, buttons at bottom don`t follow if dialog is resized to be very wide.

  • Rhino.EditListBox also has that button problem, and the icons on the top beside the message text do block the text when it is a bit longer. Perfectly they should follow the dialog border on resize.

  • Rhino.OrderListBox truncates the message text when it`s a bit longer. The helpfile needs a slight correction, below the Return section, the blnReturnStrings value is two times listed for value: True

  • Rhino.PropertyListBox truncates message text too, it saves size and position but not of the column, eg. if the left column contains larger strings.

  • Rhino.TextOut (wish) should not append a txt extension if a different one is typed on save. Or maybe better it would help to define a custom extension…and it would be helpful if it gets an OK button so it does not return Null by default.

Wish: For all the UI dialogs, it would be helpful to display multiple lines as message text :smile:


@clement, I moved this to the Rhino WIP discussion.

More details are here: Welcome to Serengeti

Thanks for the movement. @dale I´d like to add one thing in regards to new user interface methods for RhinoScript:


It should display an editable table containing rows and collumns passed via arrays. Here is something which gets close but is way to much work to do via a Rhino.HtmlBox().


I’ve fixed this for V6, as it’s pretty easy one.

The “multiple line message” isn’t so easy. But I’ll work on it, as well as the other issue’s you’ve pointed out.


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Thanks for the fix.


Hi @dale, just found a small issue which could lead to errors using Rhino.ComboListBox. If the default item does not exist, the first item in the list is used. It would be more logical if it does not highlight any item in this case:

Call Main()
Sub Main()
    Dim arrItems, strDefault, strResult

    arrItems = Array("Hello", "have", "a", "nice", "day")
    strDefault = "bread"
    strResult = Rhino.ComboListBox(arrItems, "Select", "Title", strDefault)

End Sub


Got it, thanks.

Hi @dale ,
found this old post so I decided to write here instead to open a new one (hope this won’t be a problem).
The scrollbar is very useful (I use Rhino.EditBox to display large cnc gcode) but I found that the text area won’t resize correctly when we make the window bigger…
Attached an image of what I see


excuse me if I put the post again to the top of the list, but I’m scared that this report passes without being added to the pile…
For my work is very important that Edit Box works correctly…

I’ve reported this as a bug.



– Dale

Thanks Dale! :+1: