Object faces won't print by layer

The diagonal brace at the side prints by layer colour when printed from a detail view in layout.

The column and gusset objects beside them don’t. They are blocks, but the blocks and the objects within them have the identical display and print settings.

Won’t Print by Layer from Block.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hello - this looks like this in the latest here:


I’ll check 6.15. It looks the same in 6.15 - can you tell me what the detail display mode it set to? It opens in wireframe here, which makes me think you may have a custom mode going.


Asterisk! Thankyou.
Pascal: I will check when reunited w my computer, but I am pretty sure it’s generic wireframe view mode other than having isocurves unselected. (Unfortunately I am stuck using 6.11 Or manually drawing an entire project’s worth of dimension lines - hundreds of them - for any dimensions shorter than 6’, which is the way Rhino works from 6.12 on. Hoping this will be fixed as promised in V7.)

What? What do dimensions looks like in 6.11? We’re having issues with current dimensions and how small ones being thrown out to the side. It’s a significant step back from R5.

Actually, the issue is being 'caused by how dim text above line is handled now - second line of text doesn’t go under the dim line like in R5.

Asterisk: The dimension issue is in this thread.It’s a huge issue in drawings like the one in one of my posts.

Pascal: My wireframe View Mode is default except for isocurves and tangent seams being turned off. To be clear, the wireframe view looks fine in the Rhino Interface – it’s only when printed that the yellow block objects are colourless.

Hi @Asterisk and all,
Here is an update.
RH-52539 Print color variation between blocks and exploded blocks
This is fixed as of Version 6 WIP (6.16.19154.08024, 2019-06-03) or later.
You will need to set your Options -> Updates to Release Candidate to get access to it.
In review:

  • Objects (either blocked or individual) preview and print correctly with Vector and Print color settings.
  • Important to note the Print Color is only for 2D objects like, curves, annotations, hatch.
  • A surface in shaded mode will be shade in the Display Color, not the Print Color.
  • But the surface edge curves and isocurves will print in the Print color and Print Width set by object or by layer

Also RH-50656 Control for the Dimension Line When Arrows Are Placed on Outside is also fixed for Rhino 7. Rhino 7 WIP has this new dimension line feature to control the line between the arrows as explained here. Any user that has Rhino 6, can download and use the Serengetti (work in progress) release.

Let me know if I mixed anything up here.
We can work though it again.
Mary Ann Fugier

Sorry for the confusion Pascal. I answered too hastily above. Though my wireframe view is in fact customized, I’m realizing that won’t come into play because you don’t have it or the shaded view I was in fact printing from (which was indeed a custom shaded view.) You asked that and I didn’t answer. Judging from all the foregoing, this is why the detail view defaulted to your wireframe (I didn’t understand that part), and also, it’s the bug that is at play.anyway.,

From this I surmise that the surface will only ever print in the Display Colour as well.

Thank you! Your and the team’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! :coffee:

Just as an FYI, this is actually fixed in the next 6.15 service release candidate which should be available very soon