Woops, I've forgotten where the V6 download is, can you help?

Hi can you send me the link to the V6 download is please ?

Seems I’ve been suffering from a brain injury for 2 years, really bad over the last 3 months ! Result forgotten where the kinks are.

At your leisure !

In the meantime I think you may know of me but this is why I haven’t been performing as expected. The fix is working amazingly well incidentally, I will be improving !

Hi rform - check Bob McNeel’s ‘welcome’ message at the top of the list.


The “Welcome” message is no longer at the top of the list, at least when I look at the Serengeti forum. Link to the message: Welcome to Serengeti

Change log currently down for me


(503 Server error)

download failing too

That’s because when you read the post and reach the bottom, the post is automatically unpinned from the top.

No automatic unpin any more. You’ll always see it’s pinned to the top unless you unpin it manually.