Offset Star Curves problem

Hello everyone
I submit to you the drawing of a star whose offset does not work every time. it works only for numbers whose division by two gives an even number (4,8,12,16,20 … etc). I tested different approaches but without solution. Someone has an idea where the problem is coming from.
Thank you


image (18.8 KB)

Yep, logged as RH-42854.

Clipper works better in all cases. But your “star” pattern varies quite a bit depending on the ‘Radial Number’ slider, consisting of between one and four separate polylines.

thank you David Rutten for your answer

Yes that’s what I finally understood when I bake the curves and executed the offset command directly in rhino

thank you very much Joseph_Oster for Clipper, this plugin seems interesting to me

RH-42854 is fixed in the latest WIP