Try the Rhino WIP

You are invited to try the Rhino Work-in-Progress.

The details are here…

Enjoy, Bob

No. 1010

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By the way… you will need to know your Rhino 5 license key.

You can find it here…

When can you to release final?

When it’s ready… :grin:

Any time table?:joy:

Is there anything specific that you are waiting for?
(other than 64+ core support :innocent:)

  • Uninstall function, because I can’t uninstall rhino 5 wip unit now :sob:
  • edit block for non 1:1:1 block
  • block object on technical display mode
  • mesh make2d in outline
  • tri-mesh to quad mesh
  • support substance designer if they will

Will be add some more when I think, thx!:sweat_smile:

If we do all the things you ask before we release, we’ll release sometime after 2020. Please start separate threads (I know some of them already exist) about each of these topics - they all require a completely separate conversation.

Oh, sorry! I will not have a any want function as this time, please release it asap. And I want more 3rd party to update their product, thx!:joy:

Sorry about the confusing title. It should be “Rhino WIP”

Our goal is to always have a WIP version available to Rhino users with the most current release version.

A new Work-In-Progress (WIP) version will usually be released every week.

There will never be a “final” WIP release.

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