Bug in contextual select objects

IIn Technical, Artistic, and Pencil mode, the contextual selection does not display the correct region.

For example in Tranparency mode :

And in Technical, Artistic or Pencil mode :


Hi jmv - thanks, I see this.



RH-49503 is fixed in the latest WIP

yes that works :+1:

in addition to that, there is a preview for edges and faces but not for vertices.
Now may be a good time to add it.

@jmv can you please post a video of what you mean? Is vertex preview missing in only some display modes, or all of them?

When we click with Shift + Ctrl (sub-object selection) in any display mode :


Hi - I see that here and filed RH-57440.
Note that is is only the case for extrusion vertices and not for polysurface, SubD, or mesh vertices.