Rhino BUG** Lasso command selects objects beyond the clipping plane limits

When using the lasso tool, the selection will extend beyond the visible limits of the clipping plane. This is also true when using the command modifiers Ctrl + Shift for Subobject selection. Regular selection will not extend past the clipping plane limit.



Hello - thanks, I see that.



RH-56668 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks, but how about fixing it in the current build so that everyone not on WIP doesnt have to keep dealing with this bug.

Hi Mason, we’re primarily focused on finishing up Rhino 7 at the moment, and are fixing bugs as they come in. Rhino 6 bug fixes are mostly limited to critical issues, not annoyances.

While some that are not experiencing the bug might find it annoying, i find it potentially detrimental to my work. This can potentially lead to important data being deleted from the file without the knowledge of the user, and without the visual indicator of the clipped off objects showing in the selection set, there isnt a way to be aware that this is happening or not.

I also had some fixes only in WIP, so does that mean:

A) WIP is production ready
B) Rhino 7 is mere weeks/months away?

No to both. The WIP still means this:

Working toward finishing up Rhino 7 and being done are two very different things.

Hmm. Well, that means all of these fixes are years away to be put into production, which is very disappointing.