_Select command and _SelPrev history


I´ve noticed that the _Select command does nothing when some objects are preselected. I guess it just selects the preselected objects and ends itself. In the light of all the new vertices we select during subD modeling – wouldn´t it be useful if the _Select command meant something like “Add to selection”? I imagine it would work as it does now except that it wouldn´t kill itself when some other objects are already preselected. This would save some misclicks and we wouldn´t have to tape the Shift key to the floor for more intricate selections. Also when misclicks already happen I have noticed that _SelPrev command doesn´t always cut it (especially if you “panic” or not notice at first). How hard would it be to give _SelPrev history like Ctrl+Z has?

Thank you for reading this, have a nice day :wink:

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Got that, thanks - I’ll see if that can be tuned up.
RH-68170 Select: Allow adding to the current selection



RH-68170 is fixed in the latest WIP