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Hello again,
A separate topic for new suggestions to simplify readability and replies

  1. “Insert Edge” nomenclature : “parallel” and “perpendicular” instead of “loop” and “ring” that are confusing . “Parallel” inserts edges parallel to existing ones and “perpendicular” inserts edges that will be approximately perpendicular to existing ones.

  2. “Enter when done" should be implemented in the “Insert Edge “ command, to allow multiple new edges to be created with left clicks. Only when “Enter when done” is applied would the command be terminated.

  3. Convert to SubD and Convert to Nurbs buttons too similar (see suggestion for improvement)

  4. The “merge faces” button looks like a “delete face” button as the red cross on it is misleading (see suggestion for improvement)

New lookButtons
5) “Cage edit” command must signal that does not work with SubD objects

  1. “Record history” must signal when the history is broken after moving a SubD object

  2. The way the “reflect” command updates is not very practical

  3. “Insert points “ command that will be translated in edges causes errors (see example and attached file)

Problem with adding points 2

Add points bug.3dm (64.3 KB)

Again congratulations on the SubD project !

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Thanks for the feedback, apologies on the delay in replying.

I understand your point but loop and ring are common SubD modeling terms. There are also loop and ring selection commands which share this terminology.

That would make it more like InsertControlPoint and makes sense to me. Filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57175

I’ll run this by the icon team for discussion, thanks.

Agreed… I’ve filed that CageEdit support SubD as well. In the meantime, https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57176

I’m seeing this work with say a Loft as SubD with History. Maybe it’s been fixed or a certain command isn’t prompting that history was broken. I’ll check around.

This works now.

Glad that is was of some use. I will keep posting post if some new ideas/sugestions pop up

RH-57176 is fixed in the latest WIP

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