Rhino -> AutoCAD Export: Not Recognizing "Alternate units below" Flag


It seems like this flag is not importing into ACAD properly? Is this a known bug, and are there any workarounds? Let me know if anyone has found a solution to this.

I’m losing the over/under and the alternate units when exporting to DWG:

I don’t know if the expected behavior is even possible in this case.

Yep, that’s the issue. As you said, its possible that this type of import/export behavior is not even possible (hopefully it is). But, for what its worth it is definitely an option in ACAD dimstyle:

Its easy enough to change in ACAD, however the change doesn’t propagate down through any blocks in the document. Even after changing this setting in the ACAD dimstyle, the user still has to go through every single block that references this dimstyle and manually open and SAVE each block. If there are hundreds of blocks this would probably require a script in ACAD to be practical. If its possible to update the ACAD exporter to properly use this flag then that is the preferable option.

RH-59203 is fixed in the latest WIP

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