Texture maps not being assigned from sub folders V6

In the latest V6 wip texture maps are not being assigned to materials if they are from a subfolder.
I had my textures on c:\images
On my new computer the main folder is now e:\images
This seems ok and when I open the file rhino prompts to look for the files, I find the directory
e:\images and click ok Rhino reports images found.
However once Rhino loads up, Rhino only loads the images found in the main path and ignores the sub path images such as, e:\images\woods

I have many textures in this file and I have to worksession it with another file with heavy textures/images. I hope this gets fixed soon doing this by hand is a nightmare. Also there should be an actual command to reload/find the texture maps instead of only once when a file opens. This could be in options under the maps section.

@andy, something for you I think.

The command is “RenderReportMissingImageFiles”

I will check the bug now.

RM - the missing files report dialog is asking you to identify missing files - not additional search directories. At least in my testing, if some of the missing files are in a subfolder when I use the “Browse for a replacement file” tool, those files still show as missing.

I think you need an additional tool on this dialog - the ability to resolve all of the file paths using a root directory. However, note that if you have several workstations where the paths to textures is different, I would strongly recommend that you instead use the Tools/Options/Files/Search Paths dialog instead, as this will not result in the missing files dialog coming up every time.


Hi Andy,

I did this but it’s worse than the opening dialog and must be completely busted because when I do that not one texture gets imported and then the opening dialog box still comes up with all the missing textures anyways.

But yes this is the area I was actually looking for but could not find as I didn’t open that sub tab but only opened the Tools/Options/Files/ area.
Thanks for your help,

Any information on this? I have files I want to work on in V6 but I can’t due to too many missing textures. Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else and if so if there will be a fix for it in the next wip.

This will be fixed in the next WIP.



Very cool thanks Andy

RH-34544 is fixed in the latest WIP