Can't access Serengeti link from email invitation

Hi, just a few minutes ago I received an email telling me I could get access to ‘Serengeti’ but the link in the mail doesn’t allow me access at all. So there’s no way to validate.

The link I received is here:

The page then says:
Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

I am not sure where to report this, that’s why I made this topic, feel free to remove it if it’s wrong.


I’m guessing this was a mistake on our end.
I see you are a Mac Rhino owner.

If you have registered a Rhino for Windows V5 using the same email address as you used to join the Discourse forum, you should have access to the topic.
I am a little confused by your message categorization.

I’ll check in with the mail list people to see if a mistake was made.
Sorry for the confusion.

hey John, same for me… i received the email as well :
(with links going to places i don’t have access to.)

(screen shot)

Same for me!

Any hints on what it is? Rhino for Mac renderer??



it’s rhino for windows V6…

there’s always been a serengeti forum here and a v6 WIP… seems the mail is meant to encourage more users to try the WIP as it gets nearer to official release…

the email was just mistakingly sent to rhino for mac users as well. (it seems)

dito (can’t access)

Same problem here…windows user.

I’ll try again to explain this…

I think a message encouraging Rhino V5 for Windows users to have a look at the V6 WIP was unintentionally sent to owners of Rhino V5 for Mac.

The V6 WIP for Windows is of no use to Mac Rhino users.

Access to the V6 WIP is handed through the Serengeti category.
It requires two things:

  • You have a V5 for Windows Registered using your email address
  • You use the same email address for the Discourse discussion forum

Sorry for the confusion.

I did sign up to the forum and the registered user account today. Recently changed email address.
I will give it a few hours and try again.


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John -

This is an issue for me as well. I own Rhino 5 for windows and have tested Rhino for Mac. I probably have used the same email for both. How can I get access to Serengeti?

Thanks John,

I just re-installed and re-registered Rhino to make sure that my license key and e-mail address match the one I’m using here ( on the discussion forum, but unfortunately it still says ‘I don’t have access to that topic’ when I click on the Serengeti link. Any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks so much- can’t wait to try out Serengeti.

Thank you,

Similarly - Windows version, changed my email for the forum to the one used for registering the licence, cannot access.
I’d suggest that maybe the dependence upon the correct email for this is not entirely helpful, especially as some of us use different emails for different purposes (as much to filter & ID message sources as anything else)…

Maybe @bobmcneel can have a look.

Hi John,

Yes, same here. I’m a Mac owner but I thought I was signed up for all of the forums and saw the same message. Would love to see what’s coming down the pike in serengeti even if its not available yet on the Mac side.