WIP Sectioning Attribute Requests

I made a short test and love it already!
Would it possible to include “sectioning styles” including the print line width, colour, scale etc.
For the moment I could not find a colour settings for the sectioning hatch. Would this be possible?
A background colour for the hatching would be welcome as well.

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Hi Wolf -
Thanks for your feedback!

There’s a feature request involving “styles” on the heap - I’ve added your post in a comment - RH-65563. At this point, there isn’t anything that helps applying those attributes to other layers or objects…

Both of these are controlled by the display mode:


Maybe it would be good if there was something like namedsectioningstyles where you would define all this and then just select it in object properties…

Hi Ivan -

That’s not different from what Wolf asked about, is it?

Would it possible to include “sectioning styles” including the print line width, colour, scale etc.


sorry i missed that that would be perhaps the samw thing

RH-67297 is fixed in the latest WIP

For a “by layer” filling pattern, how can I set this?

This feature is not available yet. The layer panel is actively being worked on to include new columns for these features.



Thanks for you work on this.

Will the section hatches and clip plane line styles/weights be compatible with a vector based .pdf output?



Yes, this should already work. Are you getting incorrect results?

Its not enough at all. This should be controlled by object or/and by layer.
Its very common, especially in architecture, to use different colors in different objects.
Also it should be superior if we are able to control not only the section attributes but also the surface attributes.
One set of attributes for the whole object with the ability to override if you want in subobject mode .

yes but in custom give control for all attributes. Fill with pattern, weight, color, rotation, scale and also outline with weight, color, linetype, linetype scale

Also make the Boolean commands to be able to work in a second mode in witch you will modify the objects, you will join them visually but they will remain separate objects.
Eg I have a slab and a wall with the same material. I don’t want to see the lines in the area where wall touch the slab. The only solution today is to use the Boolean union command. With that I will have the expected visual representation but the wall and the slab will be one object which I don’t want. I record a video from Revit where I am able to do that, to better understand what I mean.
I think this (with my other suggestion for surface patterns) will almost complete the ability to create 2d drawings from 3d models, so in a way its in the same category as section attributes.

This depends on the type of documentation. E.g. if both are RC but cast at different times, you would want to see that line in the CD documentation phase.

Yes. I would said I want to have the option. The tool. You can use it when you want.

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Agree! At first I would like to try the layer control of the clipped hatches first…

I ran some tests to show what I mean.

Ghosted in model space:

Technical view in model space (dashed lines aren’t showing that well):

Print to .pdf output from Technical view:


and attached

1.pdf (111.4 KB)

Even though we’re set to vector it doesn’t print all that well. Does this mean that you will still need to rely on a Make2D workflow if you want ‘true’ vector output?



Technical and ghosted mode are not display modes that Rhino can currently print as vector. The sections should print as vector with wireframe.

Vector support for technical display has long been on the wishlist.


Thanks for the update.

I had hopes that all these improvements to the section display in 3d would be able to translate over to a more streamlined documentation workflow in Rhino. These updates to clip/section properties are welcomed, but I don’t feel their benefits will be fully reaped until the results can be printed to .pdf in vector.

In short, I’d like add another upvote the request for vector support in the technical display mode.



Are hatches supposed to be displayed in Rendered view?
rendered mode with the same settings to clipping plane as in shaded mode