A way to locate the corresponding layer?

Hey guys! Is there a way to click a part and find the corresponding layer by shortcut?
Thanks Hannes

Hi Hannes - the object layer will show in the layer pop-up in the status bar. Not sure if that helps.


If it’s just a single object that’s selected, it’s layer will appear in the box at the bottom of the screen to the right of where the cursor x,y & z coordinates are displayed. The same box shows the current (active) layer if nothing is selected.

THanks @pascal & @MattE mindblowing :smiley: never saw this before…

The layer will also show up in the Properties panel. One of the reasons I always keep that open.



in the layer tab, there is a little hammer-icon>tools

click it, and see the entry “select object layer”

it will highlight the layer the object is on in the layer tree.
but asfaik that command is only accessible via that GUI menu.

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How can I find hammer icon or in particular “select object layer” option on Rhino Mac?

Hello - the gear button would seem to be the place for it, but it is not there on mac…


when we are talking about this… it would be very helpful if this function “select object layer” could be called from the command line. just select an object and use an alias…

plz. plz. :upside_down_face:

Hi - I’ve added your vote to the open YT item - RH-39104.

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thnx Wim :+1:

RH-45828 is fixed in the latest WIP