Can this be combined into a closed BREP?

Hello everyone,
can such surfaces be combined into a closed BREP

Can this be combined into a closed BREP.3dm (451.2 KB)

Hi @Gavin20181001,

Yes, if i got your question right, you can select all surfaces and run the _Join command.

hi Lando Schumpich,

I get a result like this

Ah sorry i missed the grasshopper part.

If you absolutely have to join them in grasshopper and can’t use the native Rhino _Join command before referencing, there is no native way to do this, as the problem is in how grasshopper defines the tolerance for join operations.

In the attached file is a small GhPython Component, which joins the surfaces using double the file tolerance, which is aligned with how the native Rhino _Join Command does it.

Hope to help (8.1 KB)


Yes there is indeed a tolerance discrepancy here: GH-Join uses 0.01, the document_tolerance and gives two BReps as result; Rhino uses 2.1*document_tolerance to join and is able to join it into a closed polysurface.

You can use the Rhino command MatchSrf to match the surface edges more closely than they are now.

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RH-57512 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Hi @brian,

Shouldn’t this be treated as a bug and therefore get a fix in R6? It’s clearly not working properly.

In general, we’re focused on getting Rhino 7 to ship. Most fixes are happening in Rhino 7, with a few critical ones happening in V6. So, no, in generally we are not making fixes to V6.

do you mind sharing the list?

The fixes to v6 can be found in the SR release notes, the next one to be released is service release 25 see

Here’s the list of open items for Rhino 6, and open items for Rhino 7 - is that what you’re after?

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I am, though, still confused why some issues there are not part of R6. If not related to new developments. It is simply fair users get their issues fixed in R6.

example on prima vista:

Why is that targeting R7?

I’m trying to understand the logic behind these decisions. To spare you this question in the future. :wink:

The rules to qualify for V6 inclusion are:

  • Serious regressions from Rhino 5
  • Crashes (especially frequent, reproducible ones)
  • Bugs with no known workaround
  • SDK improvements for third-party developers
  • Bugs that impact our sales or support processes

Everything else happens in V7 or later.

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Thank you @brian

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