Rhinoceros 7 WIP - QuadRemesh crease edges

Hello everyone,

I’m using the new Rhinoceros 7 Wip version.
I’d like to have a close volume, easily offset it and keep a subdiv volume.
That’s why I try the new Quadmesh tool.

When I use it without choose “Convert to SubD” everything is ok.
But when I swish it on, all edges are wavy and nothing is close.

I found a similar topic here: Quad remesh cannot creases edge surface for Subd

Any updates since March ?

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Possible solution, QuadRemesh to Mesh to SubD (MeshCorners=Yes)

Thanks for your comment.
Not sure to understand, where can I find this command “MeshCorners=Yes” ?

ToSubD command, MeshCorners option.

Thanks a lot Inju, this is what I needed and it’s works !
Now I have to create an offset… I keep you updated.

Have a good day

Hi @ovide

There are a couple of things happening here. The wavy edge syndrome is coming from enabling Interpolation on the SubD object when its being converted. Unchecking Interpolate SubD will certainly fix that. The other thing that you’ll want is for the edge vertices to be creased as well since this is an open SubD and currently the QuadRemesher does not do this (and it should) to SubD objects.

I have made a note to add this type of edge creasing to the QuadRemeshers abilities, until then here’s what you can do.

Uncheck Interpolate
Check Crease SubD

Click Ok
Turn on verts for the SubD (F10)
Select all of the verts
Type Crease

This should create a hard edged layout more to your expectation.

Hopefully this helps and thanks for the great question.


Hello @Trav

Thanks for your detailed answer.
This solution is working very well !

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Get the whole surface broken, and he only needs to process the outer edges.

Hi Trav, this is a great workaround for situations of planar faces, but it would break/facet your model in other situations, correct?

The upcoming command to select Mesh/SubD outlines (or naked edges) would work well in this case so you only crease the outer points?


Yes it will only affect the open edges. I used this example as it was simple to explain and try. Obviously you can crease any or all edges that need creased. Where people often get stuck with creasing is on those edge vertices. They don’t crease by default but should.

RH-58460 is fixed in the latest WIP