Problems with sub object selection, doesn't work in v7 but does in V6?

that’s strange i just updated it from the nvidia website 3 days ago.

@kleerkoat - can you send me the Iges file that is lurking behind all of this?



here’s two files from the same customer, both gave me fits. thank you.

@kleerkoat - thanks - just be sure you know this is a public forum - delete these files if that is a problem and PM me in the future…


thanks pascal, i totally forgot about that.

RH-3894 is fixed in the latest WIP

just curious what the problem was? thank you for getting it fixed.

hey brian, i’m still having issues selecting subobjects and even curves. let me know what you would like me to send. thank you.

this is a bit of a flyer…but any chance you have a mouse that’s giving up the ghost, or are using a non standard mouse (3d connection etc? )

I’m wondering about hardware since we are not seeing this issue anywhere else (that im aware of)

just tried with a standard dell cheapo and got the same picking errors.

on every file or just specific files?

looks like it’s specific files, i’m trying to be more concious about when it happens and the steps leading up to it. i sent @pascal some files.

@brian said it was fixed but i’m still seeing it.

two things i noticed that are strange, some of the edges i select don’t show me the “edge picker” when selecting coincident edge, it just highlights the edge and doesn’t give me the direction arrows.

another is some of the offending edges are able to be picked with a double click but it still doesn’t give the “edge” picker.

here is a file with some offending edges marked with an “x” i just picked out a few.error.3dm (163.8 KB)

here is a grab of what result i get on some of the edges that are unselectable, that edge should let me select one of two edges until i double click on it. hope this makes sense.

2020-08-26 09_01_28-Window

as opposed to this.

2020-08-26 09_04_16-Window

another observation, if i explode one of the offending solids i can’t select the edge i could double click at all. try it on the top walking surface solid.

i’ve removed mouse drivers, tried a crap dell mouse as well to no avail.

i tried converting extrusions and it didn’t make a difference as well.

it seems to be in the file and not the model, if a create a new box in that file the edges are unselectable as well.

one more lol, on the bad edges i can double click on, i don’t get a gumball like a normal edge selection.

also if i run DupEdge i can’t select the bad edges either.

@theoutside - I was able to see the problems in the 3dm files, but I could not cause the problem from scratch in a new 3dm using the provided iges files - everything behaves as expected, here in 6 and 7.


I can’t repro it here either in mac or pc… this one is frustrating.

very much so. i don’t know what to do at this point.