Hatch improvements

Are any planned at all?

The list of open “issues” (everything from bugs to blue-sky wishes) on YouTrack is probably a good start.

Hi Asterisk - what’s on your list? can you be more specific?



Wim, thanks for the list.

We are Metal Composite cladding company and we redraw architectural drawings to create our own shop drawings for submission and such. About a year ago I made our engineering department switch from AutoCAD to Rhino completely. About 21 seats. We are currently “forced” to rig our drawings in some areas, 'cause Rhino lacks flexibility in those. One of them is Hatch.

Here’s one of the recent projects I’ve drawn in Rhino:

200.pdf (1.9 MB)
303.pdf (1.3 MB)
404.pdf (487.3 KB)

My personal wishes that would cut tremendous amount of hatching and hatch fixing time on our end are:

  1. You know how you can turn surface isocurves on and off with a checkbox in object properties? It would be amazing if you could assign a hatch to a layer and Rhino would “auto hatch” all the surfaces in that layer and you can toggle it on and off in layer manager. Pros: There’s no Hatch objects in your model anymore, You don’t have to recreate/modify hatches if you need to modify your surfaces.

  2. Same hatch idea for clipped solids. “Auto-hatch” the clipped area. So clipping plane creates a proper looking slice, be it ANSI31 or concrete hatch on the slice area.

  3. Hatch curved surfaces (view relative?..)

Gradient and transparent hatches are nice but not entirely necessary at this point for us.

Overall idea for this new type of Hatch is to make it a surface object property and not another object. As well as maybe Display Mode property for Shown Fills.

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Your wish #2 is very high on my wishlist as well.

A question about your #1. If e.g. a box is on a layer with a defined hatch, would all sides display that hatch? How about closed planar curves?

For the box I’d think all sides would display the hatch. I don’t see any problem with any planar surfaces at this point. I don’t expect that type of hatch to work with curves, but I’d not be opposed if it did, granted we have an option to turn it off for curves or per object even.

Hi Wim, Asterisk - #2 is on the heap, a couple of times at least, and currently marked ‘future’… I added a bump from this thread…


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RH-20167 is fixed in the latest WIP