Rihno pdf problem

Hei iam having this layout which i wanted in Pdf form. Ihaving a problem in the first deital that after i print it to pdf as vector output. It adds random lines to the detail that are not existing on the layout. Check this:

After the print, it is diplayed as this:

If i change to raster output, it doesnt show. Can someone explain what is happening here?

Thanks btw

Hi -

Most likely not without the 3dm file, no.


Here is the file existing on google drive

I’ve narrowed it down to this mesh on your CONSTRUCTION: BRIDGES GEOMETRY layer.

slash_small.3dm (34.3 KB)

This ended up being due to the mesh having ngons and the vector output for Rhino does not pay attention to interior ngon edges.

I’m adding this functionality to V7 today, but don’t feel comfortable adding this to V6 as the amount of code that needs to be changed is rather large which runs the risk of breaking functionality V6.

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RH-59477 is fixed in the latest WIP

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