Rhino 8 (Mac) Feature: ObjectCaptureFromPhotos

Hi -

I don’t have a machine running Apple Silicon so I can’t test this but, yes, you can use images straight from an iPhone or any other camera.

It might be helpful if you could provide more details about the “not working” part.

If I run the command using the shoe folder the progress bar appears and within a few seconds it starts running and a percentage appears. If I run the command with my own images the progress bar appears but it doesn’t start processing. Ive left it for an hour to see if anything happened but nada. File sizes are roughly the same as the shoe files. Tried jpg, heic and png.

Would it be possible to share those images? I’d like to test them in a debug and see what is going on. If so, please use Rhino - Upload to Support and add dan@mcneel.com as the recipient.

Sure I’ll upload them now.


RH-66337 is fixed in the latest WIP

@lordarchiebald, did you check out the link provided by Dan?

Thank you! I see them. I’ll take a look at your photos as soon as I get the chance. Much appreciated.

For clarity the chair was extracted in photoshop and exported and the back roller was straight from an iPhone XS. Both sets of files were airdropped to the matchbook if that makes a difference ?


Hi Yes just watching now thx

So looking at the developer downloads I have less than no idea what I am supposed to be doing to use object capture on my phone ? Is it an app hidden away in the files somewhere ?


No, just taking photos should work. I will take a look at the images you uploaded today to attempt to determine why it is not working. It is highly likely a bug on my part.

Haha thx but as usual I expect its operator error at my end !

Also fyi I updated to the latest iOS last night and tried another set of photos this morning but same deal.


@lordarchiebald As I said, this is really early work.

As I expected, this is me being stupid. Logged:

RH-66403 ObjectCaptureFromPhotos: Accept paths with spaces

Please rename the folder that contains the images to not contain spaces.

I’ll get this fixed.

PS: I’m also having trouble with the chair example you sent…spaces or not. Looking into that too.

I’m just gonna jump in and say I love this idea and want to encourage mcneel to pursue more out of the box ideas like this !!

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HI Dan.

Just tried it and it works.

I work in the film industry and we are always incorporating prop purchases in to our designs and this is epic. Going to save so much time surveying and building assets.

I’m just off to set up a photogrammetry area to play with this a bit more.

Also I just did the chair as well and I think the reason its not working for you is I changed the extension names when I was trying to get it to work earlier in the week Jpg, heic, png etc. I think maybe what I sent you was one of those sets ?

Just did it with the original files and it works ?

Thanks so much for your time and ill keep trying to break it and will report in if I have any more issues.

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Wonderful! I fixed that bug with spaces in folder paths so that, after next week’s RhinoWIP, it shouldn’t be a problem.

There was also a problem with processing larger files that I worked on yesterday:

RH-66252 ObjectCaptureFromPhotos: progress should include file import step

that @Ukktor noticed. Hopefully, that will be fixed too after next Tuesday.

Dan, is there a specific order or orientation that is used for the Sample Ordering? Or does the software just look at the next file in the sequence as a likely candidate? I did not know if this was something passed in from the Apple side or was a Rhino feature.

Just thinking about doing a sample scan and was wondering if there was a “Best Practice” on the Sample Ordering.


It is handled on the macOS side; it is not a Rhino feature. I believe the photogrammetry API just looks at the next file in the sequence as the likely candidate, but I will have to verify this.