My Feedback regarding gradient hatch

there are sure some lefites (leftovers) out there still :smiley:

Oh, yes, I read about this one.

When I was studying one of my professors was always saying that “naval architects could work in any industry, but other engineers could not comply with the crazyness in naval architecture”

in german we have a saying, “steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein”


but since the discovery of ultrasonics, we might be onto something :wink:

You couldn’t be more wrong.
I am educated as Urban Designer yet I have put more than 5 cents (or 50) in this beast:


Not what I meant.

In my study I have lectures and exams on: Machine Elements, Material Properties, Structural buckling calculations, Ship theory, Ship Statics, Ship Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Hydraulics (Piping systems/ Hvac systems), electrical systems, Architectural layouts of the superstructure of ships, interior design, exterior design. Theoretical mechanics, Statics/Kinematics/Dysnamics of solid bodies, etc. I know there were more but they are slipping out of my head.

update: there were also metalurgy disciplines: Turning machines, welding, Milling, foundry…

update2: oh yes, we studied the combustion engines’ princple of operation. Chemistry also.

I only posted it proving I’m closer to naval architecture than you are to the ‘basic’ one yet I never post a comment about your part of job for the reasons you’ve stated above.
Peace and respect.

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Well, right now I’m not really close to naval architecture as well :smiley:

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Gradient hatch is going to be super handy in footwear. Most designers work in Illustrator. Being able to open Illustrator files and have them look closer to what they should look like is going to be great!

how about decals and materials?!

I found a bug in gradient hatches:
Show Gradient Stops is off yet I can see all of them.

@Piotr, please open another thread for reporting that bug.

McNell could you please close this thread?

Thanks in advance.

I hope Brian got it.

@Piotr do you remember the steps you took to end up there?


  1. I have created all solid hatch fields in one go without joinings regions.
    All hatches are set to print by display.
  2. I have applied colour from image using colour picker.
  3. I have applied transparency by converting it from solid to gradient with transparency.
  4. Grouped it.

There is also additional bug:
with grouped hatch objects containing gradients and solids: sometimes it applies gradient to solids by itself

@Piotr thanks, I can see the bug in your screen capture yet I am not able to reproduce the issue based on those steps. If there’s a file you can send me with steps to reproduce that would be very helpful. With regards to your additional “bug”. This could be possible if you have non-gradients and gradients together in a selection, which in your screen shot you do. If you have a mixed selection and make a change in the panel UI then all selected objects inherit the panel settings.

I don’t know what is happening here, maybe it’s a problem of me working in MBP on a bootcamp.
I, quite frequently, report bugs which goes away after restarting Rhino session so it’s the case this time as well.
After opening file again, everything works as expected.
From now on I promise to report bugs after reproducing them again in a new session.

@Piotr no worries! There’s probably a special combo of events that transpired to end up there. It’s clear there’s a bug there since I can see the bug in your screen capture. So you aren’t crazy and its probably not related to boot camp. I’ll throw in some more error handling to make sure the gradient conduit is being turned off and we’ll see if the situation improves for you. Thanks!

I’ve made note to dig in and check this out more here.

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RH-57547 is fixed in the latest WIP

RH-57402 is fixed in the latest WIP