Suppress "Tolerance had to be doubled..."


Is there any way to suppress the “Tolerance had to be doubled for boolean to work” warning when performing boolean operations?

Otherwise, running a macro with many elements requires babysitting the process, which is undesirable.

Any tips appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Tom - I don’t suppose there is a ‘do not show me this again’ check box on there…? Maybe it needs one.


No, unfortunately not :frowning: Would be good if there was one!

Hi Tom - ok, I will get that on the list - for now, I do not have a good idea other than a script to get at what you want though.

RH-58010 Allow suppressing the warning


Thanks, Pascal! It’s ok, it’s not the most urgent thing in the world.

The reason is that I’m running a macro from a script, but it’s for a command that’s not exposed through RhinoCommon, so it has to go through the command line…

Thanks again for your super quick reply!

Some other command in the mix then? Just making sure, because Booleans are available in RhinoCommon.


BooleanSplit :confused:

Such a useful command but not exposed in RhinoCommon, AFAIK…

Looks like it is there - I have not tried, but:


Ah, looks like that just appeared in the latest RhinoCommon version! Updated my Nuget packages and it shows up :slight_smile:

RH-58010 is fixed in the latest WIP

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