Leader text mirrored bug

The leader was created with Rhinoscript method.

I adjusted the Default style to have Radial text Aligned, then made a horizontal Leader.
When I rotate it around using Gumball in V7, I can not get the text to reverse position as it flips like your video shows.

Please select your leader and Export it to it’s own file and attach it to a reply.
I do not want your file.
I just want a file with that one leader in it.



I just did a bit of testing and you have to mirror leader along Y axis for this behavior to manifest. The text has to run along Y axis too.


flipping leader.3dm (19.2 KB)

When I open your file in an in-house V6 SR28 build, it initially has the characters reversed like yours.
When I use Gumball to rotate it, it corrects itself and I can no longer get it back into the state you showed.

My guess is the next Service Release (or SRC) update will correct this for you too.

i just tested the fix in V7 Mac and Windows.
It should be available in the new V7 WIP builds later this week.


We’re not yet using V7.

The developer determined the change was too risky for V6.

RH-59258 is fixed in the latest WIP