Bug: Raytraced (Cycles) continues through a reduce mesh

BUG: when I run Reduce mesh then Cycles continues to calculate.
Please fix :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t think we have yet a concept of pausing a running realtime render integration. But from Raytraced point of view this isn’t really a bug, as there is no change yet to react to while ReduceMesh is running. Once ReduceMesh is done the Rhino doc gets updated, on which the Realtime SDK system (changequeue) notifies Raytraced of said change.

Anyway, logging as a request nonetheless here RH-42839.

Thanks. It makes sense from a programmers point of view, but not from a users as this hogs resources. So I guess that makes it a “user experience bug” and not a bug-bug :smiley:

That said, trying to change from Raytraced to another display mode fails 90% of the times as another display mode is usually picked before I have time to mouse over the correct one. (I don’t have to click)

Yup, I just wanted to explain the current situation. I completely understand what you want. In the YT request item I also just muse a bit about what it would/could entail.

And regarding the dropmenu/click problem: it is a known problem, and something that seem to.have existed already for a long time before Raytraced - it is just now that this integration exposes the problem. I already tried looking at the code that handles the dropdown menu clicks, but I couldn’t understand it well. Rest assured that we’ll keep looking at it.

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And I’ll keep on poking you about it until it is fixed, as this is the kind of UX (User experience) that makes a product feel partly broken and that might throw a blue-screen.

Sure, that is the right spirit :slight_smile: I haven’t used ReduceMesh much (maybe once or twice, and that not even while running Raytraced). But as you have seen, the request is noted!

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RH-42839 is fixed in the latest WIP

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