Wish: Displaymode shadow density, not only color

Yep, that was what was meant by “factored”… and I agree that’s the one that makes most sense…but when has that ever meant that’s what should be done :slight_smile:

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Then why don’t you do the same thing in Rhino? The whole point of this discussion is that simply changing the shadow color isn’t enough.


I think what he means is that a lighter color means less shadow in that app, not a light gray shadow as in my first picture.
Like for lights, you can set intensity by using a dark color.
I too expected less shadow when I sat the shadowcolor to a lighter gray, sothat’s why I think this is what he meant.

I see, thanks.


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Correct, Holo. As we both described - means to dial-in intensity.

All I really meant to do was support the concept that more than one way to achieve the desired result is ok, imo. And, I find it helpful at times to have overall light intensity AND shadow intensity independently adjustable. If my shadows are too hard and dark, finding the right shade of gray as shadow color (in a white studio) does the trick.

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RH-59072 is fixed in the latest WIP


@Holo, @Jarek ???

Thought for sure I’d hear something by now…



oh somehow I missed the announcement and didn’t know the YT item to track. Great, I will update the WIP and check it out this weekend to report back. Thanks!

Sorry man, had a crazy week and have not had time to test wip either. Will do to night!

hi @Jeff,

that works great and exactly as expected in terms of adjusting global shadow intensity via Display Mode setting. Thank you for adding this.

If I was to get picky about the UI: Slider would be more practical, or at least the little up/down arrows by the number should respond to dragging for more seamless experience when tweaking this setting. You hardly ever go by number with this - it’s more of an eyeballing what looks good so seeing it real-time as you change it would be the best.

thanks again!


This seems perfect! Thanks for adding that SOO fast!
I will explore it more, but rhight now it seems to be just what we wanted.

If you put your marker in the text field you can use the arrow up and down to “slide” the value up and down in realtime too.

BUT there is a small “bug” that pops up if you backspace the field to empty:

I think it should read “empty” as 0 and not pop this error since it makes it difficult to type 20 and then backspace to type 30.
It’s fantastic that it updates the view live while we type though!


Agreed…chalk it up as me being lazy :wink: I’ll change it…however, @Holo seems to like it (or tolerate) the spinner control… so I don’t want to change something that’s just going flip the discussion direction. If a slider is really the preferred control here, then I’ll change it…I think Jorgen’s initial request even mentioned a slider…so I think we’ll be ok…but just want confirmation…


:+1: realtime slider!
As jarek said, this is about getting the feel right so a slider is super! (With numerical option)

Ugh…really? How important is this?


Yeah, he mentioned a slider, too :slight_smile:
For me the current one would be OK as long as we could drag the arrows up/down - check out the Sun Intensity on Sun panel - similar way. Pressing the arrow keys up/down while in text field doesn’t cut it for me - the text doesn’t update and change is still too small…
I vote for slider…

Not very important. But sometimes the ocd in me wants 50% sharp, just like with material values. But Not important. If I had to choose then slider only.

Ya, I know what you’re talking about…but it requires a special, overridden control, with specialized handlers…all of which I was trying to avoid… I can write the coolest shader that’s only 100 lines long, but adding a stupid UI element requires 100’s of lines of code… plus that effort gets duplicated (somewhat) when we add it to the Mac… I realize I’m just whining here, but was trying to make this a simple addition…which is never really the case when UI is involved…especially on the Mac.


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Understood Jeff, if it is simpler to have a slider exactly like other ones in this panel that would work well.
Any precise numerical values for each of these can be easily set by scripting for users with OCD :wink:
For me numerical control is not critical.

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Fully support the reasoning there guys. Simple is beautiful!

@Holo, @Jarek

Ok guys, checkout the latest build… a little bit of both worlds… Also note (Jarek) that David snuck in the Skylight Quality setting slider.