Why does raytraced take so much longer on Mac?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m so grateful that there is now a Mac version of Rhino. Yet, the one thing I have noticed is that raytraced is significantly slower on Mac. I understand that this partially depends on personal hardware and the Mac version of Rhino is still being improved, but I was wondering if there are any tips or general advice to speed up raytraced. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro that has high specs so raytrace technically shouldn’t take too long. Even if I switch my graphics engine in the cycles settings from CPU to OpenCl raytrace still takes a long time. When raytracing on viewport resolution with minimal materials it can take upwards of 45 minutes to complete on Mac compared to the matter of minutes it takes on windows. I’m wondering if there is any way to improve the raytraced situation on Mac and if McNeel has plans to make raytrace work more efficiently in future updates.

Would anyone recommend looking into Rhino WIP for Mac? I’m sure there’s some raytrace improvements there. The only drawback is that I’m a college student who is still learning Rhino and I don’t have the time to work through any bugs or instabilities.

Hi -

Rhino 7 is in beta stage now and there are no reproducible instabilities. Several of the bugs that are in Rhino 6 have been fixed in Rhino 7. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any bugs in Rhino 7 but they will most likely still be there in the final 7.0 release and many will be fixed in later Service Releases.

As for the raytracing performance, that’s not something that I can comment about based on the MacBook Air 2012 that I’m running. Perhaps @nathanletwory can tell you more about differences between the versions.

In Rhino 7 you’ll have access to denoiser plug-ins that should cut down your rendering time quite a bit.

Great! Thank you! I appreciate the response.

Thanks so much! Is the beta free for Rhino 6 users? Would you recommend that I try it out to see if I can notice any improvements?

WIP/BETA development builds are available to anyone that owns a paid license for the current shipping version:

Is this available in the WIP? I remember from some time ago discussing it but I cannot find any mention of it on Mac. thanks

Edit: don’t worry. Found a post describing how you have to install it from the _PackageManager

Edit 2: “Error: AI denoise filter not supported on this system.” Will try the Intel one instead of AMD.

The Intel CPU denoiser should work for everybody, regardless of available GPU.