Lots of layout questions! how to align objects in separate details? how to insert breaks?

Is there a good way to align objects in different detail views? Is there a way to also insert breaks in an object so that I can show the ends of a long object without showing all the details of the middle? Thanks

You can think of detail views as a special sort of viewing window into model space. Thus, to align objects, you need to move the window around the objects. However, you can’t have a different alignment than in model space, so what you would need to do if you need to align diverse objects that are not normally aligned is make several smaller detail windows on one page and move those around so objects seen through them are aligned.

Otherwise, you might want to make a separate drawing layer and move copies of the objects around as you like.


  1. Draw a line in paper space from one detail to another. Get in the other view and pan to align geometry with that line (not super precise, but works for paper nonetheless)
    Move one detail snapping to the common geometry for both details (like corner) in paper space to another detail and then adjust the detail border to match the other if you’re really anal.

  2. Have 2 details for both ends and drop a break symbol in paper space. Not the best solution ever, but Rhino’s paper space options are pretty limited in comparison to other CAD soft.

I encounter the same problem and I align details manually as Asterisk.
Hope we will get the possibility to link details in x,y or z in a next version.

how do you insert these break lines? draw them manually? or is there a command>
that detail looks pretty well lined up, how did you do that ? recommendation 1 or 2? Thanks

See the vid on how to line up details to each other. Extensive use of Tab (lock direction) recommended.

Break lines are drawn manually, yes. Took me couple of days to recreate all the details and annotation markers when we moved from AutoCAD to Rhino. All these are simple curves and texts grouped for each symbol, so they are double-click easily editable, click & dragable and copy-pasteable.

Hi, there is the _SynchronizeViews command which sets the scale and center of all visible viewports to match the active viewport. It will also synchronize activated details on the layout pages.

So if you want to synchronize three details you’ll have to run that command three times and switch from viewport to layout. Not ideal so I think we’ll have to wish for a SynchronizeDetails command.


Dear Rhino Developers,

Are there any plans to develop a SynchronizeViews command for the detailed views in the Layout?
It is so basic and still missing.
It would be nice if one can select the detail views that are to be synchroniced.

Bas Goris

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Hi Bas - there are no plans that I know of for this, but I added an item to the pile:




RH-32294 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi Brian,

I just tried this new feature and it seems like SyncronizeViews for details only works for aligned details, and by that I mean, details that have their outlines aligned. Here a video and file that shows the limitation.

SynchronizeDetailViews.3dm (3.1 MB)


Hi @pascal, could you take a look at my previous post related to the new synchronizeViews in layouts.


Hi Jose - thanks, I see… and I am not sure what the right answer is … for example, if you move that upper detail off completely to the right of the lower left detail, would you expect nothing to show in that upper detail?


Yes, I would expect that because we are talking about synchronizing views not scale.

IMO, the way it works know will lead to user errors if for example the detail is just a few millimeters off and the user doesn’t realize that. I have used this feature in other softwares an they don’t requiere the details to be aligned.

Having said that, I can live with the current behavior and it’s a great improvement to Layouts but we always like more :wink:


I’ve also written a script that does this. It’s in my page layout tools thread