Serengeti Access Enterprise

How do we get access to Welcome to Serengeti
We have a network license version of Rhino.

@brian - can you weigh in?


You should have access now.

Awesome! Thank you.

Could someone grant me access as well? The email address for my license activation is associated with my company.

Same problem here. It may be because I originally signed up for the Mac beta before I ended up purchasing the Windows version. At any rate I have a valid Rhino V5 for Windows license and would like to get to Serengeti.


This is the message I receive when I try and access Serengeti.

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

See this post for the necessary conditions to get access:

@andrewmcc @CJFearn @akgold
Should work now.

Hello: I couldn’t access the Serengeti forum either. It is probably because I originally registered my Rhino license with another email but then I changed the forum settings to my current email since I may drop the older email as it is an ISP provided email. I do still have use my old email, but I will use this email to register my new Rhino when it comes out.

Is this the right place to request access to Serengeti?

hello -
I am in the same boat, have v5 w/ correct email, but unable to access as well.
thanks much and have a good one.

@cmfhegs @handcyclist Try it now…

i’m in. greatly appreciated bob!

same problem here. v5 with correct email, but unable to access.

same here,

@rpict @mathias_gmachl

Should work now…

what does the plugin do?

OK I am having a hard time getting access as well. License was purchased through our corporate purchasing group so I am not sure if that matters. Thanks

@designdude Should work now.


I have the same issue than the people above. I use a network licence and the email address seems not to match.

Thank you for your help