SubD Symmetry?

HI , I have just downloaded the latest RH7 WIP

the reflect command on sub D toolbar doesnt seem to be working anymore

would you please tell me how can i downgrade to previous WIP version ?



Hi - what happens when you type the command?

Hi Wim

please let me apologize , it seems to be working now.



_Reflect with history

Any news?

It’s on the list - RH-55845
… and I’ve added your request for it.


RH-55845 is fixed in the latest WIP

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What appeared symmetry is a big step forward. Thank you McNeel team!
Having a little tested symmetry, I would like to make a few wishes.
At first
I would like to remove the hierarchical dependence on the parent to the children only. But create mutual dependence for both sides. I would like to edit the child side so that the parent side changes at the same time.
I propose to some freeze the axis of symmetry so that the points on this axis could not be shifted to either side to the right or left relative to the axis. Since shifting to the side breaks the topology, additional faces appear or existing ones are deleted.
It is necessary to allow the movement of points only along the line of the axis of symmetry.
If apply the InsertPoint command, then the hierarchical dependence ceases - this is also as noted earlier with the Bridge command

Thanks for the feedback…

I added your vote here

Can you provide a model to show the issue you’re trying to solve with this one?

Thanks, filed this as

Hi Brian

If the points of mother side are moved to the left outside the axis , then the topology breaks


The same actions but in the T-Splines.
First, both sides are interdependent.
Secondly, the topology does not break (The axis of symmetry is partially frozen)
Third, another positive is that the geometry on the opposite side is changing in real time.

TS Symmetry

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I think to make the interdependence of mother and child need a fake points\edges\faces selection of the child. We select a point on the side of the child, but in fact it is a hoax. In fact, we selected parent and all the manipulations occur with the parent but in a mirrorred and it seems to us that there is interdependence of both sides

Just a thought, just an idea.

It even became interesting how this was implemented in the TS

Thanks for the extra info… filed as

And making a ray tracing mirror plain?
realtime rtx or dx12

Rhino already have a reflective plane, but only as a hidden feature for the groundplane if you give it a material with high reflection. So adding any other reflective plane should be walk in the park.
I am sure a reflective c-plane could benefit a few.
@BrianJ I see that this doesn’t work in V7, do you know why?


Hi All
Being able to rotate (or even freely position) the groundplane has been requested before. It would be neat for previewing all things wall-mounted as well :slight_smile:


Good point, a simple XY XZ ZY bullet option + a tilt in degrees from -90 to 90 degrees would be all we need. + a plane from 3 points of course.

And aybe this is the time to wish back the great animated, reflective water plane that @jeff made for the v5 wip… It was great for both architecture close to the water and for boats on the water… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you tried this plugin: Flipper Modo Plugin. It should help with more than one axis symmetry. I haven`t used that.

I make 1 axis symmetry with mirror meshOp in Modo. I think with that MeshOp should be also possible to have more that one axis symmetry.

For radial symmetry there is also: Wheely Modo Plugin

the reflect command continues to develop, and jeff is working on a ui that shows the line of symmetry and a color for the reflected half.


Kyle, another weird thing about the current tool: you go about selecting a bunch of stuff on the reflected side, and you go to move it just to realize that was the no-touchy side. Could you guys fix that too please?


jeff is working on a graphic indicator for the no touch side.


RH-57206 is fixed in the latest WIP