GRRRRRRR Multiple Grasshopper sessions file overwrite no warning

I just accidentally overwrote my day’s work because the same GH definition file was open in two rhino sessions and I shut down the older session 2nd and then I guess acknowledged the save not noticing that the wrong rhino session was active.

Normally I’d have a google backup relatively recently but it’s been clogged catching up sync on some file reorganization all day.

This is actually really kindof irritating and unfriendly from a user perspective. I mean… It seems reasonable to want to have the GH definition running on my main project file, and then also have a sandbox in another rhino session to sortof throw weird cases at the definition etc without cluttering up the actual work file.

At a MINIMUM you need a warning that you’re about to overwrite a newer version of the file you’ve got open. Or generate a lock file and just disable multi sessions of a file. This is like pretty basic user friendliness features.


Agreed, a warning should be possible to add at least.

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More globally I’d prefer to link the rhino session to a GH file. Think of the editor more as a separate entity that just saves files.

You may need to do some trickery for performance like look at what file the active GH editor has open and what file the active rhino session is pointing at then like make the direct link when they’re on the same file.

This seems way more intuitive to me and kinda covers both use cases, where like me I want several rhinos with the same GH def. But also you could have a different GH def running on each rhino session.

RH-59181 is fixed in the latest WIP

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