How Do I Actually Download Rhino WIP?

Hi Jarek - not working here either - hang on a bit…

@Jarek if you go from the link in Bob’s Serengeti welcome message, does that work?


@pascal, nope, not from the Bob’s welcome page either (general download page shows up)

Hi Jarek - just a shot in the dark but perhaps clearing the browser cache might do it? If not, I’ll see if I can enlist a bigger brain to have a look.


That did it; going to the link with browser history cleared made it work. Thanks Pascal !


The changes link that other people have posted is not correct. Use this one:

@brian This behavior from the Welcome page is back. Brian’s Oct 15 link also produces the normal download page. Wassup?

Hello !

Same problem here. I couldn’t find any download link.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Thanks for letting me know. I think this might be because of a recent change to Discourse to use - I’m investigating now.

I’m having the same problem: I changed the mail here on Discourse to be the same as the license one but I cannot find the download link. Any suggestions?

This is now fixed. The correct link is now in this thread, and also on the Welcome to Serengeti page.

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that did it for me! thanks!

Thanks, Brian.

Installs OK on my laptop with the internet connection turned on, but it didn’t work with the internet turned off. Gave the usual error 0 screen.

Turned the network back on and tried to download the offline installation package, but it fails also when trying to get the first language package.

Hi Al,

Can you please send me the install logs for this? You’ll see recent Rhino*.log files in your %temp% folder.


that did it for me! thanks!

Sent by email.

Please try deleting the redist folder from the folder where you are running the Rhino installer. I think having one already there confuses it.

@brian Looks like you are right about downloading the offline install package. I renamed the original one and this week’s WIP installer downloaded a new one OK.

Were there changes to the redist that this week’s installer recognized, so that’s why it didn’t install with the old redist? Or is it set up to just require a new one regardless?

I also noticed that the progress bar on the offline install package downloader shows only about 5-10% when it’s nearing completion. I got distracted at the moment of completion so I don’t know if it leaped to 100% at the end or not.

Also please note that in the failed attempt with the old redist in place the MS downloads were apparently recognized as being in place because it skipped over each in a second or two, failing only when the language pack downloads started. When there was no redist the MS messages were on the screen longer as if it was actually downloading. Just in case it means something to you.

All the language packs are different with each build. Sometimes the Microsoft Redistributable files change, and sometimes they don’t. But in general, you’re going to probably be better off downloading new redistributables every week.

Thank you very much Brian !