FlowAlongSrf history breaks

FlowAlongSrf history doesn’t seem to work if the objects to flow are surface control points.

Hi Peter - yeah - I suppose that is correct- grips are not objects with ids in the Rhino doc - there is talk of making them behave more like top level objects, but I do not know where that stands at the moment, nor whether it would allow this to work. In any case, I bet there is a way, at least, I’ll put it on the pile…



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RH-57432 is fixed in the latest WIP

Awesome! Thanks.

Huh… that’s a really interesting way of working. Can I ask how you used this in practice? I just tried it out, with the caveats mentioned about keeping the parent object points on. Very cool indeed.

In this particular case, I had a loop of points (part of a blend surface) and in order to make the surface look good, I needed to move those points (in a few different dirctions), and I wanted to have some control & history (softeditsrf doesn’t give me much control). What I really wanted to do was to use cageedit on them, but that wasn’t an option. So I built a simple surface that was kinda close to the points to move, and created a copy of that surface, edited that surface & used flow. Ended up working really well, except lacked history so I just had to undo, change the target surface, and flow again until I liked it.