Command line maths (again)

I bring this up again with only faint hope, since no doubt this is a low priority item, but since V6 is apparently arriving “shortly”…
Could someone please code something more elegant than the clunky implementation at present in V5?

Why is it clunky?
Because it requires too much awkward input to make it operate:

  • first press the = key
  • then press the ( key, which requires holding SHIFT to access it
  • then enter the maths you want solved
  • then remember to close the bracket, again needing SHIFT to access
  • then press enter to return the result to the initial command

It’s all the more annoying, since if your need is for division, then you can just enter it as you go directly on the command line.
The whole thing should operate like this.
If division can work, why cant other maths work…?
If my old 2D DOS program can do this elegantly, then why, years later, cant rhino…?
If they can send a man to the moon, then…etc etc

Please let’s have some joy here…

( I tried to script this, to at least get the =( bit in one hit from an alias, but it cant get the script to pause for input…sigh… )


Hi Tony - this stuff works in V6- you can just type the math ( @margaret , I V6 see Help is behind on this ). For example:

Start of line ( BothSides  Normal  Angled  Vertical  FourPoint  Bisector  Perpendicular  Tangent  Extension ): 0,5*2,3

The start of the line goes to 0,10,3.


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