Document Usertex pasted with objects and imports


When pasting geometry from another file, the DocumentUserText from the parent file is pasted as well. I assume this to be a bug.

Furthermore if I undo, the pasted DocumentUserText remains.


I can confirm that this is happening for me as Well. Can a bug report be made so that this can be fixed? my document user text is ballooning out of control because of this bug.


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Hi all - got that, thanks.


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Any news on this bug? If I copy an object from a model which contains DocumentText to a new clean model the DocumentText is still copied over.

Following the discussion in the youtrack system, I follow the reasoning behind needing to copy the document text over bc Rhino doens’t know if it is needed or not. The problem is that it can snowball if objects are copied multiple times between multiple files. It would be great if there was a ‘CopySimple’ option where only the geometry is copied over.

Hello - the comments on that YouTrack item indicate there is not a fix for this, I added a nudge.

Copying geometry only - no material, layer, object data etc included? The difficulty is all that stuff is all immediately useful and part of the object attributes, I don’t think we want to leave it behind. I am struggling to come up with a good case for doc data though. I understand there is a hypothetical problem with a plug-in but not a known one…

@NavArch - just arm-wrestling with this now, we cannot actually reproduce the behavior with a basic test (!)- can you send us an object that shows the behavior, or is it any object?


RH-48141 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thank you!