Feature Request: IntersectTwoSets

I request that IntersectTwoSets not intersect objects with themselves.

If I do:



to intersect a set of object with everything else visible, INTERSECTTWOSETS intersects the first set with itself, creating a mess.

I’m assuming you meant

Select one or more objects
Cmd+A (select all)

that won’t work because Cmd+A selects everything (which is what it is supposed to do) - including the first set - which is not practical in this particular case.

I agree that this is not great, because there’s no easy way to get all the objects that were not in the first selection set to use for the second set. As they were deselected once accepted by the command, Invert does not work to get the rest. Right now, I guess the manual workaround would be to use groups temporarily…

Edit - here is a scripted workaround for now if it helps. Locks the first group of objects selected temporarily, so that they can’t be re-selected for the second set.

IntersectTwoSetsEx.py (1001 Bytes)

I have filed an enhancement request for this: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-60939


And that is the work around I have been using.

Looks like your wish has been granted - the first selection set will be excluded from the second, so you will be able to use Cmd/Ctrl+A for that. The enhancement will be in some upcoming Beta of V7 (it will not be backported to V6 though). Check the youtrack link above for more details.

RH-60939 is fixed in the latest BETA