Slow display performance when using clipping planes

Hi Bogdan- thanks, I gather this is on the develpers’ radar - but I don’t know how hard that is to tune up.


Hi! To tune up, you mean to debug or to fix?

Hi Bogdan - sorry, yes, by ‘tune up’, I mean ‘fix’…


It would be a super improvement.

Is there any hope on this?
Panning an rotating become incredibly slow on a model which otherwise works fluently. It is impossible to work with a clipping plane on.

@Bogdan_Chipara Do you have an example 3dm file you can provide? The files I have here don’t seem to be exhibiting “impossible to work on” situations with a clipping plane on. Yes, they are slower with the clipping plane ON, but the performance is still well within expectations. So I’d like to get a model where performance is so bad that you cannot work on it using a clipping plane.

Also, do you see any difference in different display modes? Or are all display modes completely worthless when a clipping plane is On?


Hi @jeff! I could send you the file that i’m working on. I want to use McNeel upload system, what email address should I use for recipient?



On the same model Rhino 5 is faster with Show Fills off.

I also notice that snapping is not working correctly. On some clipped geometry it works, on some other it doesn’t.

It’s a bit of a nightmare, yes.


That’s a much different problem…If you can isolate this to a specific, reproducible case, that would be fantastic…and I’ll be sure it goes to the proper developer.

As for your model, I’m actually seeing things spin about 5x faster in V6 with the clipping plane ON, and it’s actually clipping something. If I move the clipping plane up above all of the geometry so that it’s not clipping anything, then I get the same speeds I do when the clipping plane is turned OFF. In V6 I get roughly 135fps in a maximized Shaded viewport. In V5, running the exact same settings, I get roughly 26fps.

In V6, go into the OpenGL Settings page… Uncheck the “GPU Tessellation” box near the top…and see if your timings are faster or slower.

Let me know.


Jeff, FWIW, the slow-down in my model went away 2 dailies ago and the speed is back to normal now.

Hi Jeff.
I will try to isolate the snapping problem.

Here GPU Tessellation ON/OFF makes no difference.
In V6 clipping plane ON without cutting anything is slightly slower that clipping plane OFF. When it cuts something is getting significantly slower.
If i switch off Show Fills in V6 things are getting better!

Is there any difference between Show Fills On/Off for you in V6?
How do I get to see the FPS?

I have also same problem. When I add more models into file the clipping plane performance gets slow.

Can you post the results from the SystemInfo command here?
Also, can you post the model?

Try to use clipping model. Almost freezing. SystemInfo command doesn’t work

asztal_2x1xxx.3dm (14.8 MB)

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Yes, freezing my machine as well. And this is not some special case, it’s every-day work situation.

Let’s see…
Why are you posting this in the Serengeti category?
This is for issues with WIP and BETA versions of the next Rhino version only - at present BETA versions of Rhino 6.

Your model is created in a (cracked) version of Rhino 5. (And doesn’t cause problems in Rhino 6…).

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RH-39927 is fixed in the latest WIP