Something weird with keyboard input

In the attached video, when I activate the filletedge tool, the S is underlined as the option to select “ShowRadius” on the command line, but once I select an edge, the H becomes underlined instead. Why? Didn’t do that in V6.

Well I was going to say that an option got added that’s ‘grabbing’ the “S” first, but I don’t see one. Maybe there’s something we can’t see yet??

I just noticed that ExtrudeCrv does the same thing, “S” goes to the alias to toggle grid snap. I don’t know if it’s the same with all commands with an “S” option, but I see that “O” isn’t taken by the Ortho alias. I presume this is some sort of bug and not a deliberate choice.

I’ll just add ThroughPoint in Offset, which has gone from T to H. I sure hope these are bugs, or I’ll have to reprogram my brain, and I’m not sure it would survive :scream:

Didn’t do that in V6, and there are no new command-line options in this command, so what’s going on?

Hi Peter - I see that, thanks. I do not see a good reason for this so far… looks like a mistake.

@Normand - the switch from T to H is not ideal but at least explainable – it gets bumped over with the appearance of the Trim option. I think this can be fixed by moving Trim to the far side of ThroughPoint.

There are several of these - CurveOnSurface in MatchSrf is the one that breaks my workflow the most. That once is hard because ChainEdges seems like it should always be “C” - perhaps we should just change CurveOnSurface to some name that does not start with C and get it over with.

RH-58852 Option shortcuts are unstable

RH-58853 Offset - Shift Trim option

RH-58854 MatchSrf - Change the option name



RH-58852 and RH-58853 is fixed in the latest WIP