Wish: Reflect with multi SubD selection


in the reflect command, it would be handy to select more SubDs at once.



P.S.: What does the last line “Snap to reflection plane” in the Reflect command mean?

Hi Michael - On the picking, do you mean select several subds and use the same reflection plane and options to make several independent reflected subds, or did you have in mind some kind of interaction between the inputs you selected?

The SnapToReflectionPlane option is to true-up vertexes that are nearly on the reflection plane so that you don’t accidently get very small faces along the reflection plane.

There are 3 modes to decide what vertexes are close enough to the plane to true up -
None for no adjustments,
Automatic to use a calculated tolerance based on distance relative to size of the object, and Distance with which you can specify an absolute distance.

This is meant to be a relatively small distance in the design thinking, but in practice you can use a bigger number to force a complete edge chain around the object at the plane.

Hi Lowell,

yes, select several independent SubDs to use the same reflection plane, like for my attached bicycle frame example: bicycle_frame.3dm (71.9 KB)

Good to know. Is it that important, why not move it to the options in step 2 and/or 3?

Thank you very much and all the best to Seattle



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FYI… this will work in the next WIP when you pre-select more than one SubD and then run Reflect.


RH-58819 is fixed in the latest WIP

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