Cycles for Rhino 0.0.2

Continuing the discussion from WIP installation errors (Cycles not running):

I’ve updated the Cycles for Rhino plug-in to v0.0.2. This should load in most recent Rhino WIP without problems. If you find otherwise, please let me know.

If you don’t know what this is for then it is safe to skip this plug-in for now :slight_smile:

Remember that this plug-in isn’t officially released yet, nor is it currently part of Rhino WIP (but hopefully will be sometime this year). The main focus is on the Raytraced viewport mode and everything related to it. That said, this plug-in should work.


But can you explain this?
Default scene, added a box, rendered with Rhino Render at the left and Cycles at the right.

The box is whiter because there’s difference in how skylighting is done. IMHO Cycles does it correct - white light on white surface = white.

The gray ground plane is because there’s a bug with just skylight and shadows-only ground plane (currently working on it here RH-33841). Add a primitive light to get rid of the gray shadow on the shadows-only ground plane.


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And yes, I agree, white should be white.
Also we would need an exposure setting, so when we add a sun it doesn’t get over-exposed right away:

(This should be a slider in the realtime raytrace view as well as a setting in the render options, and a slider in the render window.)


Hi There,

Sorry for dumb question, but where do you get the RhinoCycles Plugin and how to install it?

Thanks in advance

See this post for information on where to get it.

Yeah, you can install the render plugin, but I’m just using the Raytrace viewport mode that will be part of V6.

Great, Thanks all.

Don’t seem to be able to download the Rhino 6 WIP ? Download button just takes me to the general downloads page? Any ideas?

Did you use the link here?

Hi, Thanks for that - I got to the download link and then get a server error page

@brian Can you help here? He’s grouped into Serengeti_automatic.