Wirecut difference

When using wire cut with open curves with continuity, I get one surface. If I close the curves then I get a surface for each segment. Why the difference and can we make it so that we always get separate surfaces for the different segments (the result when the curves are closed) ?

Looks like an unintended result of how this command was programmed. The internal surface is being created in one case without the tangent splitter and in the second, with. @rajaa this should probably be made consistent - and either always split at tangents or add the command line option as in Extrude…

@solidtooldesigns DivideAlongCreases SplitAtTangents=Yes should fix existing objects.


Awesome. Thanks Mitch. I think adding the command line would be best

I agree it should be made consistent. Will add to the pile.

I’ve noticed something similar with surfaces that have been offset into solids. Could we add SplitAtTangents to surface offset as well ?

RH-67032 is fixed in the latest WIP