Is it possible to add a SubD object to a File3dmObjectTable?

I’m trying to add a SubD object to a File3dm through RhinoCommon, but it seems like I can’t find an appropriate File3dmObjectTable.AddSubD method for it. With a RhinoDoc, I’ve noticed that this is possible;


But there seems like there is no AddSubD for the File3dm version;

File3dm.Objects.AddSubD(subD); //compile error

Is this by design? If so, is there a way around it without converting the SubD to a Brep?

cc @stevebaer


Nope, I just forgot. I added this to my todo list and will hopefully be able to get to it in the next few days

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Awesome, thank you! :raised_hands:

The next beta should have an AddSubD function on the File3dmObjectTable

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Excellent, thanks @stevebaer

RH-61205 is fixed in the latest BETA


Great news, thanks @brian

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